The Smartest Ways to Leverage Buy Now Pay Later Magento Solutions from ChargeAfter

Sep 19, 2021

Online Magento retail stores need to leverage the latest digital marketing strategies and associated beneficial tools to cut through the clutter and compete in the fierce eCommerce industry. ChargeAfter is a pioneer of reliable and affordable buy now pay later Magento solutions that can give one’s online store this advantage through the integration of their multi-lender platform. The solution is easy to install and comes with comprehensive analytic feedback to secure conversions during checkout and improve key marketing metrics, including average order values and volumes.

This article outlines the smartest ways Magento retailers can introduce buy now pay later financing from ChargeAfter and leverage the platform to drive sales.

Install Buy Now Pay Later Magento from ChargeAfter Today

The most successful Magento retail stores actively deploy new strategies as soon as beneficial tools are available to them. Online stores that do not respond quickly enough to the changing digital marketing landscape may fall behind and lose out on months of potential growth as a result. For these reasons, it is recommended that Magento stores introduce buy now pay later financing as soon as possible. The powerful platform from ChargeAfter can be integrated quickly and businesses can benefit from it in no time with the assistance of the company’s readily available integration engineers. After installation, customers will have instant access to the advantageous consumer financing solutions from ChargeAfter and will be encouraged to purchase sooner rather than later. 

Utilize Data and Analysts Support from ChargeAfter

Magento stores that integrate ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform benefit from the data-driven and analytical reports that are generated as customers use and interact with the tool at checkout. All ChargeAfter customers receive comprehensive reports on their checkout performance along with recommendations on how to optimize this particular consumer touchpoint to achieve the greatest return on investment (ROI). Analytics is the cornerstone of marketing strategies, and ChargeAfter’s always-available team can supply the data that your Magento store needs to thrive in the competitive online retail space. 

Highlight That Your Store Offers Consumer Financing

The ChargeAfter multi-lender plugin is clearly showcased at checkout with a call to action that encourages consumers to utilize the beneficial platform. That said, you can take your consumer financing support one step further by outlining its consumer benefits and availability on your site elsewhere. You may utilize a pop-up on your homepage that briefly outlines the features and benefits of consumer financing. You may create a blog post that explores consumer financing and what it offers your shoppers. You may launch a series of social media posts that provide more detail on the supportive feature. However you choose to identify the integration of consumer financing on your website is up to you, and doing so will only further encourage consumers to shop with your Magento store. 

Upsell Items at Checkout

One of the greatest consumer benefits of ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later Magento solution is that it allows customers to easily and quickly order larger value items, such as a television set or mattress. This brings us to our last recommendation to leverage the power of consumer financing: upselling. You can install plug-ins at checkout that spotlight specific showcase products that are either similar to those in a customer’s cart or complement their purchasing behaviors somehow. As consumers are able to receive the financing that is personalized and includes zero interest rates, they will be more inclined to add those additional items at checkout. Doing so will help you receive larger order values that will drive sustainable growth.

Buy now pay later Magento solutions for ChargeAfter are available to online retailers and will drive profitable growth of businesses that utilize the plug-in as soon as possible, review key analytics to make smart checkout improvements, highlight the consumer benefits of point of sale financing, and upsell items at checkout. 

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