3 Benefits of a Sales Channel Strategy That Integrates Waterfall Consumer Financing


In 2022, sales channel strategies need to be diverse and optimized to suit the purchasing behaviors of the modern shopper. In this article, we explore sales channel strategies in more detail and share 3 benefits of a sales channel strategy that integrates waterfall consumer financing. 

What is a Sales Channel Strategy?

A sales channel strategy refers to the marketing tactics used across several sales channels. In the modern eCommerce landscape, a single sales channel is simply not enough. Online stores should utilize a variety of channels, from social media platforms to Google Shopping and beyond, to attract new customers and retain existing shoppers. A sales channel strategy considers how best to engage consumers through online marketplaces, modern marketplaces, wholesale selling, retail selling, and paid advertising. Using a combination of platforms within these avenues will lead to greater sales channel success. 

Waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter will also support your sales channel strategy by empowering your customers’ purchases. By partnering with ChargeAfter, you can offer your customers access to a wide network of lenders capable of facilitating their shopping needs across your entire sales channel strategy. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a sales channel strategy that integrates waterfall consumer financing. 

1. Shopping is Easier Than Ever

Waterfall consumer financing makes shopping easier than ever. eCommerce platforms that integrate the leading online financing platforms give their shoppers access to lenders that can finance their shopping decisions. Customers can receive this financing without having to undergo credit checks, making consumer financing a feasible choice for shoppers that are unwilling to turn to their financial service providers for support. This, coupled with the zero-interest repayment plans offered by ChargeAfter’s lenders, makes for an efficient and affordable shopping experience that appeals to new and existing customers. 

2. All Sales Channels Are Supported

Waterfall consumer financing supports all sales channels across an eCommerce store’s strategy. Whether shoppers are arriving from paid advertising, Google Search results, social media platforms, or elsewhere, they all have immediate access to the web integrated financing feature. The ability to support all of your shoppers will lead to greater sales as a wider audience can facilitate their shopping needs via the consumer financing feature. By supporting all channels, you diversify your sales ability through comprehensive consumer support and financial assistance. 

3. Access to Broader Audiences for Channel Growth

The ability to offer the best consumer financing on the market across your entire sales channel means that there is growth potential for a broader consumer base. As waterfall consumer financing gives every customer access to the benefits of online financing, more shoppers can easily and comfortably browse your store with the intent to buy. The lack of credit checks and zero-interest repayment solutions form one piece of the growth puzzle. Other benefits of consumer financing include its ability to eliminate the need for consumers to leave your store and seek support from a third party. Customers no longer need to consult their bank representatives or other lenders to receive access to financing through various sales channels. They can instantly apply for a loan using ChargeAfter’s consumer financing integration and shop orders big and small on the fly. This streamlines your sales funnels that underpin the success of your sales channel strategy.

The modern shopper needs modern tools to enjoy their experiences with eCommerce stores. When it comes to your store’s sales channel strategy, integrating waterfall consumer financing at checkout can make your shopper’s experience easier than ever, support all sales channels in your strategy, and offer access to a broader consumer audience for holistic channel growth. 

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