How to Incorporate Consumer Financing Into Your Sales Funnel for More Sales

Feb 24, 2022

In the race to become the most popular eCommerce stores in their industries, businesses take shortcuts that can do more harm than good. One of the most common pitfalls that online stores face is failing to create a clear sales funnel. Sales funnels are extremely important as they define your consumers’ journeys and help you tailor experiences to suit each shopper. In this article, we discuss sales funnels in more detail and provide insight into how to incorporate consumer financing into your shoppers’ experiences for greater sales and profit. 

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a model that showcases the journey customers take with your brand, from viewing your ads to clicking through to your website, adding items to their carts, applying discount codes, and checking out. The sales funnel is a piece of marketing strategy that showcases a variety of touchpoints along the consumer journey, and each distinct consumer journey customized to one’s various buyer personas

Why a Sales Funnel is Important

Having a sales funnel, or a combination of a few is critical to developing a seamless user experience that results in sales. A sales funnel gives marketing teams a clear scope of the various consumer touchpoints, allowing them to determine any missed opportunities or weaknesses in the shopping experience. A sales funnel also helps you understand what consumers are doing at each interaction that they have with your brand. Are they utilizing discounts to shop more affordably? Are they utilizing features that make their experience more user-friendly? The sales funnel ensures that you can deliver the right messages to the right audience members at the right time. 

How Consumer Financing Supports Your Sales Funnel

A strong sales funnel will support regular sales, but the addition of consumer financing can significantly improve the sales of your online store. What is consumer financing? You may have come across the term already, or maybe you have never heard of it. Either way, if you are not giving your customers consumer financing options then you are missing out on potential sales.

Consumer financing is an integration that provides comprehensive loan options during checkout. It is a third-party integration that requires little management by the eCommerce platform teams themselves. ChargeAfter, for example, is a leading consumer financing platform that handles the integration and management of consumer financing options. Furthermore, ChargeAfter provides partners’ shoppers with a vast network of reliable lenders capable of facilitating each shopper’s unique financing requirements.

Customers are drawn to consumer financing as it provides many consumer-first benefits. Customers can receive financing without having to undergo credit checks, seek the support of financial service providers, and also receive repayments with zero interest. The perks speak for themselves, and eCommerce platforms that integrate consumer financing improve the sales within their sales funnels. 

Choosing the Best Consumer Financing

Choosing the best consumer financing partner on the market comes down to selecting a platform that provides comprehensive coverage and ongoing support. ChargeAfter is one such partner that provides waterfall consumer financing with an extensive range of vetted lenders that have brilliant track records. Over and above deploying the plugin on your website, ChargeAfter provides ongoing maintenance as well as analytical insights drawn from their platform during the business month. This data is accessible to marketing teams and can be used to take corrective actions to improve the sales funnel. This comprehensive support ensures that every eCommerce store seeking consumer financing receives top-tier support and guidance.

Sales funnels form the cornerstone of eCommerce experiences, and you can leverage consumer financing features to improve your customers’ user journeys. ChargeAfter is a leading consumer financing partner that delivers the most consistent and effective support to ensure that you improve your sales funnels and sales. 

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