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General questions

What is ChargeAfter?

ChargeAfter is the leading embedded lending platform for point-of-sale financing. It allows merchants to offer their customers personalized financing choices embedded into omnichannel customer journeys. Shoppers make a single application for point-of-sale financing and are instantly matched to the best-fit choices from a network of lenders. In addition, tier-one banks and financial institutions whitelabel ChargeAfter’s embedded lending hub The Lending Hub to create, manage, and distribute their lending programs for merchants and their customers.

How does ChargeAfter work?

When a customer chooses a merchant’s financing option at checkout, they complete a short application form that is powered and secured by ChargeAfter. The platform connects applicants to a network of lenders and presents them with the best offers based on their creditworthiness. Most merchants offer a waterfall finance model where the platform first checks prime options, and then near prime if the customer is declined, and then subprime/ no credit required options if required. The customer can then select the most suitable option that they have been approved for and complete their purchase with ease.

Who partners with ChargeAfter?

ChargeAfter works with three types of clients:

Merchants: midsize and enterprise merchants select ChargeAfter’s embedded lending platform to manage their entire POS financing operations. ChargeAfter is suitable for most industries with an average purchase amount of $250 or above.

Banks & financial institutions: top-tier banks and lending financial institutions select ChargeAfter as the technology provider for their consumer finance products.

Lenders: our network of over 40 lenders covers the entire credit spectrum and offers different types of lending products. Our lending network includes names such as Citi, Synchrony, Wells Fargo, Concora, Fortiva, Katapult, Progessive, and Zip. See more lenders here.

Is ChargeAfter safe to use?

Absolutely. ChargeAfter prioritizes user security and has robust security measures that utilize advanced encryption and security protocols to protect personal and financial information. Additionally, ChargeAfter adheres to stringent governance protocols and provides comprehensive training for its staff. With ISO and PCI certifications, ChargeAfter maintains industry-leading standards, subject to regular assessments to ensure ongoing compliance and secure handling of sensitive data.

For merchants

How can ChargeAfter benefit my business?

ChargeAfter empowers merchants to offer customized lending programs, with or without credit requirements, seamlessly across all channels: online, in-store, and call center. Our robust waterfall platform, paired with an expanding network of global lenders, can boost approval rates to up to 85% and increase sales. Our solution is simple, integrated, and operates at the highest service level agreements in the industry.

By giving eligible consumers pre-approved offers to increase their average order value and showing them their approved amounts before checkout, merchants typically see a rise in repeat purchases and loyalty. Supported by our wide network of global lenders and user-friendly waterfall platform, we’re helping merchants reach more shoppers and grow sales, all while making financing more approachable and accessible.

How do I integrate ChargeAfter?

The ChargeAfter solution can quickly be activated for merchants, based on the level of customization and resources allocated from the merchant side. We have had enterprise retailers onboarded within 2 weeks of work for off-the-shelf products. The precise onboarding time will depend on the merchant’s current setup and lender lineup.

What are the fees associated with using ChargeAfter?

The ChargeAfter fee structure varies according to your business model and volume. Please contact our sales team for a tailored quote.

For banks and financial institutions

How does ChargeAfter help banks and financial institutions?

ChargeAfter provides all the technology that banks and lending financial institutions need to offer a comprehensive consumer and B2B financing solution on a single platform. Through The Lending Hub financial institutions effortlessly streamline the development, management, and distribution of lending services to merchants and shoppers at scale, without diverting resources from their core business activities.

What are the benefits of partnering with ChargeAfter for banks and financial institutions?

Partnering with ChargeAfter empowers banks to expand beyond their traditional lending models and reach a broader customer base. This partnership enhances customer satisfaction by providing flexible financing options to merchants and their customers, driving growth through increased loan volumes.

How does ChargeAfter ensure the security and compliance of its platform for financial institutions?

Security and compliance are paramount in ChargeAfter’s operations. The platform adheres to strict regulatory standards, including PCI DSS compliance, to ensure data security and protect financial institutions, merchants, and their customers. ChargeAfter also stays abreast of changing regulations in the financial sector to ensure continuous compliance. Regular audits, state-of-the-art encryption technology, and a commitment to data privacy ensure that all transactions are secure and trustworthy.

Can ChargeAfter integrate with existing banking systems, and what is the process involved?

Yes, ChargeAfter is designed for easy integration with existing banking and lending systems. Our platform uses a flexible API-driven architecture, which allows for seamless integration with a variety of banking software and systems. The integration process involves a collaborative effort between ChargeAfter’s technical team and the bank’s IT department, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation. We provide full support throughout the process, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance, to ensure that the integration meets the specific needs and requirements of each financial institution.

For lenders

Who can become a lender on ChargeAfter’s platform?

Any lender or financial institution that offers point-of-sale lending and meets ChargeAfter’s compliance and operational requirements can apply to join our lending network. These are some of the lenders that partner with ChargeAfter today. Please contact us here if you wish to find out more about becoming a lending partner.

How do lenders benefit from ChargeAfter's platform?

Lenders benefit from gaining access to a pool of qualified borrowers at their moment of need, increased loan distribution, and the opportunity to participate in a seamless, digital point-of-sale financing ecosystem.

What kind of support does ChargeAfter provide to lenders?

ChargeAfter offers comprehensive support to lenders, including integration assistance, operational support, and access to analytics and reporting tools to monitor performance.

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