How ChargeAfter’s Buy Now Pay Later WooCommerce Platform Promotes Large Ticket Sales

Jul 11, 2021

Despite the many benefits of buy now pay later solutions, thousands of WooCommerce platforms are yet to adopt these powerful consumer financing integrations and, as a result, hinder themselves when it comes to increasing average order volumes, improving customer retention, and promoting sales rates. With ChargeAfter’s revolutionary buy now pay later WooCommerce plugin, online retailers can experience these benefits and more within days. In this article, we will discuss how leveraging this particular buy now pay later solution can encourage growth with regards to promoting large ticket sales.

How Large Ticket Sales Improve WooCommerce Business

Large ticket sales are the cornerstone to WooCommerce business success as they amount to far greater return on investment, improvements in large ticket sales drive up average minimum order values, and they supplement inevitable poor-performing months in a WooCommerce’s sites yearly calendar. The benefit of encouraging large ticket sales cannot be ignored, yet many retailers fail to facilitate the efficient and consistent purchase of these expensive items. It would be wise for retailers to pinpoint new tools to facilitate the sustainable purchasing of expensive items, and one crucial method is through consumer financing.

ChargeAfter has, to meet this need, developed a buy now pay later platform that offers consumers incredible, tailored financing to ensure they are capable of making large ticket purchases. The benefit of a multi-lender platform ensures that no customer turns away during the checkout process and abandons their cart. 

How Buy Now Pay Later WooCommerce Solutions Drive Large Ticket Sales

The reason that ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later WooCommerce solution is so successful is because it utilizes a multi-lender platform that other similar services on the market do not. This means that customers are funneled through a reliable lending platform until they are matched with a lender capable of fulfilling their unique consumer financing requirements. Featuring no credit checks and an array of lenders with minimal to no interest rates, customers shopping with ChargeAfter-integrated WooCommerce stores are more inclined to accept consumer financing for large ticket purchases.

Buy now pay later WooCommerce solutions offer customers several other significant benefits that may help promote the sale of large ticket items. We have outlined these in more detail below:

Improved Customer Loyalty for Large Ticket Sales

Customer loyalty plays a pivotal role in large ticket sales as customers who trust your brand are more likely to make big orders than those shopping for the first time. To ensure that customers become loyal shoppers, you need to provide many novel touchpoints on their consumer journey. This is especially true during the checkout stage, and ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later solution is one of the most powerful checkout plugins to drive large ticket sales through encouraging customer loyalty. This is because this platform is reliable, trustworthy, and eases consumer challenges during their shopping experience. 

Stronger Brand Image for Greater Order Values

As consumers become more skeptical of brands, your company image is important when punting large ticket sales. Consumers searching for expensive items such as mattresses are far more eager to purchase from WooCommerce retailers with a strong brand image backed by positive customer reviews. Despite many review strategies capable of encouraging customers to leave positive reviews, consumer financing with zero interest rates from ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later WooCommerce platform is becoming a popular integration for its ability to facilitate a better shopping experience. For this reason, customers may be more likely to share great experiences that they have had with your brand.

Large ticket sales are crucial to WooCommerce business success and the integration of ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform will allow your online store to thrive in the competitive retail landscape through facilitating greater value purchases.

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