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largest embedded lending network of banks and lenders

The best embedded lending platform for lenders 

A growing number of lenders are meeting borrowers at their moment of need – the point of sale.
Merchants are prioritizing a platform-first approach which enables them to easily provide consumer financing from multiple lenders. Everybody benefits, merchants experience high approval rates, customer satisfaction increases, and lenders serve customers with the right credit profile without the need for complex integrations. These are some of the lenders that partner with ChargeAfter.

ChargeAfter’s lending partners

Financing programs

We partner with lenders and purchase providers that cover the entire credit spectrum.

Consumer financing - prime lending
consumer financing - near prime lending
Near prime
consumer financing - subprime lending
consumer financing - no credit required
No credit required

Financing products

Our embedded lending platform supports lenders that specialize in all lending products.

chargeafter pos financing platform - revolving loans
chargeafter pos financing platform - private label credit cards
Private label credit cards
chargeafter pos financing platform - lease-to-own
chargeafter pos financing platform - installment loans
chargeafter pos financing platform - buy now pay later - BNPL
chargeafter pos financing platform - b2b financing

Selected industries

Enterprise and mid-size merchants in diverse industries integrate our multi-lender platform.

consumer finance for applances - buy now pay later apliances
consumer finance - buy now pay later - BNPL car parts - car repairs - car services
Car services & repairs
consumer finance - BNPL - buy now pay later - consumer electronics
Consumer electronics
consumer finance for dental and medical healthcare - buy now pay later - BNPL - dentist fees
consumer finance - BNPL - buy now pay later for Furniture & mattress financing
Furniture & mattresses
consumer financing for health and wellness - BNPL - buy now pay later - Health & wellness financing
Health & wellness
consumer finance - buy now pay later - BNPL - home improvement financing and property renovations financing
Home improvement
consumer financing - buy now pay later - BNPL - Jewelry financing


We work with lenders and merchants in these countries.

ChargeAfter USA - Consumer financing
ChargeAfter Australia - Consumer financing
ChargeAfter - Canada - consumer financing