The White-Label Embedded Lending Hub Trusted by Top-Tier Banks

Create, manage and distribute any lending product for merchants and consumers in one centralized platform. ChargeAfter is the leading white-label embedded lending hub trusted by tier-one financial institutions.

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Top-tier trusted embedded lending for financing institutions
ChargeAfter Embedded Lending Hub Partner Citi Bank
ChargeAfter embedded lending partner Wells Fargo ChargeAfter embedded lending partner Wells Fargo
ChargeAfter embedded lending partner Visa
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The Lending hub

Be the bank, ChargeAfter will do the rest

Create any point-of-sale lending product in a white-label POS system. With ChargeAfter’s embedded lending platform you can create, manage, and distribute the lending model that works for you. Whether you want a single lender model or waterfall finance, you can easily provide every lending product on a single platform with a fast go-to-market.

Offer short-term and long-term installments, BNPL (buy now pay later), revolving credit, private label credit cards, personal loans, project loans, and other lending assets. Our integration suite and eCommerce extension connect you to any merchant. Seamlessly.

Create any lending product in one lending hub.
We embed it.

Create, distribute, and manage your financial products at scale to merchants worldwide.


Create any white-label embedded lending product, such as installments, revolving credit, BNPL, B2B, B2C and anything inbetween.

consumer lending platform with consumer finance portfolio in a single lending hub
embedded lending issuance with adjustable and flexible terms

Product building

Create any lending issuance product you want with adjustable and flexible terms.

configurable waterfall financing with secondary and tertiary lenders

Configurable waterfalls

Set up a waterfall with secondary and tertiary lenders of your choice to pick up declines.

white-label consumer financing platform to promote your brand

White label

Customize our white-label platform to ensure that your brand is front and center.


Operate and manage the entire lending journey in one embedded lending platform. From product creation to merchant management, the platform has you covered.

one embedded lending platform with - b2b loan - revolving loan - BNPL - project loan - PLCC - personal loan - installment loan
embedded lending platform with full APIs - SDKs - and ecommerce platform extensions

Seamless integration

Connect to any standard or custom platform with full APIs, SDKs, and ecommerce extensions.

onboard merchants to white-label consumer financing platform in days

Merchant onboarding

Scale up fast and onboard merchants in a matter of days with self-service automation.

Embed consumer finance products throughout omnichannel points-of-sale with embedded omnichannel financing

Product distribution

Embed your financial products throughout the omnichannel journey, in-store or online.


Quickly onboard merchants. The platform supports APIs and SDKs to deliver fast and on-time merchant integration and wide distribution, so that your merchants can serve any shoppers anywhere, online, instore, and at every point of sale.

embedded finance platform integration with API - SDK - ecommerce platforms - in-store devices for optimal omnichannel financing
Manage multiple consumer lending programs - products and merchants on a single embedded finance platform dashboard

Centralized management

Manage multiple consumer lending programs, products and merchants on a single dashboard.

central resolution interface in the merchant portal of the white-label embedded lending platform

Chargebacks & disputes

Provide end-to-end customer service through the resolution center in the merchant portal.

access detailed transaction data in the embedded lending platform with full reports and analytics

Reports & analytics

Access transaction data and insights to optimize your lending portfolio and identify growth opportunities.

Everything you need to succeed in one lending hub

While you focus on being the bank, we take care of your embedded consumer finance offer. We enable fast GTM with direct integrations to ecommerce platforms and POS devices. Our fully white-label POS solution handles all aspects of the lending cycle, from origination to reconciliation. Keep your merchants happy with higher revenues, approvals and converstions with your embedded lending program. The platform guarantees bank-level security and has compliance embedded.

Financial products with one lending platform.


Financial products with one lending platform.
With any ecommerce & POS platform.


With any ecommerce
& POS platform.
Your brand consistency with our white label solution.


Your brand consistency with our white label solution.
Merchant satisfaction and retention with higher approvals.


Merchant satisfaction and retention with higher approvals.
Embedded compliance and regulation.


Embedded compliance
and regulation.
Robust bank level security for financial data.


Robust bank level security
for financial data.

Our mark on the market

ChargeAfter embedded lending Platform



ChargeAfter embedded lending Platform

Avg. Approval Rate


ChargeAfter embedded lending Platform for world



Security and compliance

We prioritize data security with a strong program based on the ISO 27001 framework. Our employees receive thorough security training, and our product is hosted on the secure Google Cloud Platform. Management actively engages in security through risk assessments and steering committees. We enforce strict access controls, conduct audits, and have a practiced incident response plan for enhanced preparedness.

chargeafter security and compliance - ISO27001 - Information Security Management
chargeafter security and compliance - ISO27108 - Information Security Management System
chargeafter security and compliance - PCI DSS Certified
chargeafter security and compliance - AICPA Service Organization Control Reports - SOC - SAS70 Reports