5 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out!

May 19, 2022

In the modern age of online shopping, standing out from the competition is critical to seeing results. But, it is more challenging than most realize. The biggest and best eCommerce stores have had years to develop every aspect of their marketing to ensure that they capitalize on massive audiences. That said, any eCommerce platform no matter how newly established or not can start improving its traffic by cutting through the clutter. In the following article, we discuss the five ways that you can make your eCommerce store stand out from the competition!

1. Introduce New Technology for Your Consumers

To win over customers, eCommerce stores need to offer new technology that solves their pain points. Integrations and eCommerce plugins not only give consumers a better online experience but that benefit businesses as they streamline processes and contribute to marketing efficiency. When it comes to new technologies, one of the most powerful modern financing tools is buy now pay later services. Buy now pay later (BNPL) services like those offered by ChargeAfter, enable an easy checkout for consumers that require on-demand financing when making a purchase. This feature saves consumers time and money, foregoing traditional interest-rate-based loans from financial service providers

2. Create a Personalized Shopping Experience

Personalized shopping experiences tailored to the modern consumer that prefers shopping with stores at the forefront of online selling. In order to create a personalized shopping experience that makes your store stand out, you need to consider strategies to leverage consumer-centric marketing. You could, for example, develop email campaigns tailored to specific customer segments. You could reward loyal customers with discounts and coupons for your store. At every level of the marketing funnel, you should consider ways to personalize your consumer’s experience to give them more reasons to shop with you.

3. Develop Exceptional Content

The best eCommerce stores are active on social media and develop great content for their audiences. From video content to long-form articles, infographics, Instagram Reels, and more, developing exceptional content is critical to standing out amongst the clutter of competition in the online sales industry. This content can be helpful, educational, inspiring, or motivational to encourage your consumers to buy into your unique brand narrative.

4. Invite Your Customers to Be Part of Your Community

Over and above delivering great content for your consumers, you should invite them to be a part of your brand story. A brand is only as strong as its community, and more fulfilled consumers are more likely to return to shop with you again. Inviting customers to be a part of your community can be as simple as asking them to sign up for your monthly newsletter or strategizing a loyalty program to encourage return customers. By putting your community at the center of your marketing activities, you can stand out from the competition and yield a greater return on investment as customer lifetime values increase. 

5. Support Customers Every Step of the Way

Great customer support is critical to eCommerce success as consumers want to feel heard when experiencing difficulties during their online shopping experiences. Whether it be through the integration of a chatbot on your website or providing informative context in the form of FAQs answering common questions, you should consider how every touchpoint can be leveraged to provide better customer support. 

There you have it, five ways to make your eCommerce store stand out! Be sure to introduce new technology, create personalized shopping experiences, develop exceptional content, create a consumer community, and support your customers to stay ahead of the competition!

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