5 Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later Bigcommerce Solutions for Your eCommerce Platform

Oct 8, 2021

Buy now pay later Bigcommerce solutions will soon become a staple checkout plugin as they are currently being used by the most successful online retailers on the platform. Integrating consumer financing at checkout is proving invaluable in the modern marketing world as shoppers become more confident and skeptical with how they spend their money online. In this article, we highlight the 5 primary benefits of buy now pay later Bigcommerce solutions for your eCommerce platform and showcase how you can integrate the leading consumer financing solutions to leverage them.

1. Increase Average Sales

The integration of buy now pay later consumer financing solutions will encourage greater sales on one’s online store during the month. This is because consumers shopping in these stores have quick and easy access to reliable lenders at the push of a button. Reducing the time it takes for a shopper to make purchasing decisions is critical to the success of your sales, and consumer financing can facilitate this efficient customer journey at checkout.

2. Promote Large Ticket Orders 

Customer financing allows consumers to purchase more expensive goods or order larger carts. This is because consumer financing connects customers with a network of lenders capable of offering zero-interest repayment solutions. Customers can have instant access to the capital necessary to purchase expensive items and this will, in turn, drive up your average order values come to the end of a business month.

3. Sell to New Customers

By providing buy now pay later Bigcommerce solutions, you can capitalize on customers that may have been previously unable to shop with your online store. Whatever the reason, consumers can now access funding at the push of a button without having to leave your website. These customers can now make purchases big and small on your website, helping you tap into a market untapped until now.

4. Retain Existing Customers

One of the many benefits of consumer financing is its ability to support your existing customer base. Acquiring new customers is half of the job while securing long-term investment from loyal buyers is arguably more important in the competitive eCommerce landscape. Customers that arrive at checkout and are now able to receive consumer financing are more likely to continue purchasing from your store as they do not need to consult third-party financial providers to acquire financing. 

5. Reallocate Time

With consumer financing handled by the service provider, business owners and marketing teams can focus their attention elsewhere. Whether it’s improving customer support strategies or developing a novel user experience or competition, freeing up time to allocate to other operations will help your business grow.

Experience the Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later Bigcommerce With ChargeAfter

Choosing to integrate Buy Now Pay Later Bigcommerce solutions is the first step to consider when searching for tools to optimize your eCommerce platform’s checkout process. But, before you do so it is important to consider the options available to you as there are several consumer financing solution providers on the market. ChargeAfter has made a name for itself as one of the go-to consumer financing solutions for Bigcommerce retailers as the company goes above and beyond to facilitate seamless integration and a superior customer experience with consumer financing at checkout. The inclusion of comprehensive analytical reports, full-service customer support, and quick delivery of the most reliable network of lenders ensure that ChargeAfter is able to deliver a superior buy now pay later Bigcommerce solution.

If you wish to find out more about the powerful multi-lender platform available from ChargeAfter and leverage the many benefits of consumer financing outlined in this article, you can contact the team today by clicking here

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