We empower merchants by embedding personalized financing choices into their customer journeys at every point of sale, anywhere, anytime.

omnichannel financing on the go with chargeafter for the best omnichannel customer journey

Point-of-sale financing is broken

Technology has fundamentally changed retail, giving customers more personalization and choice. However, financing at the point of sale is stuck. 50% of applications are still declined. The problem? Merchants only integrate with one or two lenders, leaving declined customers with no other choices. And when merchants have attempted to solve this problem, they’ve faced the almost impossible task of connecting multiple lenders to their point of sale.

Until now

We embed choice at the point of sale

ChargeAfter gives merchants and financial institutions the ability to easily embed multiple financing products into omnichannel customer journeys. Now they can delight customers across the credit spectrum with personalized lending choices, consolidated into one streamlined experience that maximizes approvals.
We’re bringing the first truly embedded lending network to every point of sale worldwide.

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Global lending network on ChargeAfters pos financing platform Global lending network on ChargeAfters pos financing platform

Our investors

These global payment experts and industry leaders are invested in our vision of embedding personalized financing choices into every customer journey.

The drivers of lending innovation

ChargeAfter is led by a team of finance and technology experts with an unparalleled grasp of the customer lending journey. Our leadership team is dedicated to maximizing choice at the point of sale through embedded lending.

Meidad Sharon ChargeAfter CEO and Founder

Meidad Sharon

CEO and Founder

Meidad is the founder and CEO of ChargeAfter, the embedded lending platform for point-of-sale financing. He has over two decades of payments leadership experience, scaling companies to growth and IPO. He founded ChargeAfter to improve shoppers’ lives by embedding personalized financing choices into customer journeys, anytime, anywhere. Under his leadership, ChargeAfter has become the platform of choice for enterprise and mid-size merchants and tier-one financial institutions.

Doron Abramovitch ChargeAfter CFO

Doron Abramovitch


Doron has over 20 years of experience as a senior-level financing executive. He is responsible for the overall financial management of ChargeAfter, its financial reporting and disclosure practices, investor relations, and corporate operational and infrastructure functions. Prior to joining ChargeAfter, Doron served as CFO at Radware and Orbotech.

Shlomi Kringel ChargeAfter COO

Shlomi Kringel


Shlomi has over 22 years of experience in leading product, research and development, and delivery operations. Before joining ChargeAfter, Shlomi held a position at Ex Libris, where he served as Corporate Vice President of Learning and Research Solutions for over eight years. Before that, he served as VP & GM Interaction Business Applications at Nice, VP & GM Voice and Mobile internet at Comverse, and was co-founder & VP R&D and Delivery at TV Gate.

Ronit Haver-Gold ChargeAfter VP Global Human Resources

Ronit Haver-Gold

VP Global Human Resources

Ronit is a Human Resource leader with over 20 years of experience in global HR leading positions in the high-tech industry. Ronit is responsible for driving success through a global Human Resources strategy and HR best practices implementation. Previously, Ronit held senior positions in corporate companies and start-ups such as Comverse, Mavenir, Attenti, Augwind and Infineon Flash, including relocation to the US. Ronit holds a BA in Behavioral Science and an MA in Labor studies.

Jeffrey Tower ChargeAfter EVP Global Business Development

Jeffrey Tower

EVP Global Business Development

Jeff has over 20 years of experience driving revenue through building global brand awareness, business development, marketing, and sales departments focused on consumer financing, fintech, and eCommerce. He joined ChargeAfter’s leadership team in 2019 and is responsible for its Embedded Lending Hub platform for top-tier banks.

Gil Segev ChargeAfter EVP Global Strategic Solutions

Gil Segev

EVP Global Strategic Solutions

Gil joined ChargeAfter in 2019 as one of the company’s early team members. He oversees the company’s offerings tailored for merchants and financial institutions. Drawing upon his experience in technology and entrepreneurship, Gil is committed to delivering excellence to global enterprises. He is responsible for our Solutions architecture and engineering, Data and Analytics, and the strategic initiative planning and execution. Under Gil’s guidance, ChargeAfter drives technology development and tailors solutions for our strategic partners.

Mark Denman ChargeAfter EVP Merchant Sales & Success

Mark Denman

EVP Merchant Sales & Success

As EVP of Merchants Sales & Success, Mark is responsible for leading the enterprise and midmarket sales teams while also ensuring our merchants and lenders get the best care possible when partnering with ChargeAfter. He is a member of the executive leadership team and a key contributor to ChargeAfter’s strategy. Prior to joining ChargeAfter, Mark spent 30 years in the near-prime and tertiary lending space where he led sales organizations and client relationship teams at Rent A Center and Genesis Credit. Mark is also an active Board member of various companies that are focused on value-added software and technology services to enhance their end users’ experience and maximize revenue opportunities.

Elad Arad ChargeAfter VP Global Operations

Elad Arad

VP Global Operations

As the VP of Global Operations, Elad is responsible for onboarding merchants and lender delivery. In addition, he leads the CA operations activities, cross-company processes, production health, and our NOC. Elad brings more than two decades of business, operation, and delivery experience. Elad holds an Executive MBA from Kellogs-Recanaty School of Management, Northwestern, and Tel-Aviv universities.

Kevin Lawrence ChargeAfter VP Global Lender Relations

Kevin Lawrence

VP Global Lender Relations

Kevin has been in the banking and finance industry for over a decade, working closely with some of North America’s largest banks, financial institutions, and retailers. He is an expert in embedded consumer financing, with a deep understanding of current trends and where the industry is heading. Kevin is responsible for ensuring that ChargeAfter covers all lending options in all verticals in all geographies.

Yuriy Kipnis ChargeAfter VP Research & Development

Yuriy Kipnis

VP Research & Development

Yuriy is the VP of R&D. He leads the engineering teams, technology strategy and innovation building the embedded leading platform. He has been instrumental in defining the long-term vision and direction of R&D efforts at ChargeAfter. Yuriy believes in creating a culture of collaboration and cross-functional teamwork, which has led to enhanced idea generation and accelerated product development cycles. He emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of market trends and proactively adapting R&D strategies to meet evolving customer needs. Yuriy brings nearly two decades of experience developing robust financial systems and SaaS solutions from leading enterprise companies and start ups.

Nir Stanger_ Director of Business & Legal Affairs

Nir Stanger

VP of Business & Legal Affairs

As VP of Business & Legal Affairs, Nir has been a cornerstone in the expansion of the ChargeAfter network. He specializes in the negotiations of strategic partnerships, and oversees the preparation of business proposals for new programs, along with management of their commercial terms, and ensuring that the company’s compliance program is upheld. With a strong background in Operations, Business, and Legal in his prior roles as a Project Manager, and as a Commercial Attorney for high-tech firms, Nir brings a unique blend of commercial, legal, operational and technological expertise.

Corporate Governance

At ChargeAfter, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. Through fostering a culture of transparency, integrity, and accountability. We strive to build trust with our stakeholders and create a foundation for sustainable growth. Our commitment echoes in our conduct, reinforcing our reputation as a credible, progressive and trustworthy partner.

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Code of
chargeafter compliance and docial responsibility - environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainability
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Privacy &
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People, diversity, & inclusion

Security and compliance

We prioritize data security with a strong program based on the ISO 27001 framework. Our employees receive thorough security training, and our product is hosted on the secure Google Cloud Platform. Management actively engages in security through risk assessments and steering committees. We enforce strict access controls, conduct audits, and have a practiced incident response plan for enhanced preparedness.

chargeafter security and compliance - ISO27001 - Information Security Management
chargeafter security and compliance - ISO27108 - Information Security Management System
chargeafter security and compliance - PCI DSS Certified
chargeafter security and compliance - AICPA Service Organization Control Reports - SOC - SAS70 Reports