4 Reasons Shopping Cart Financing is the Best Way to Generate Greater Monthly Sales

Sep 6, 2021

Consumers continue to turn to online retailers for their purchases as the shopping process can be done from the comfort of their homes, is seamless, and deliveries arrive at their doors. While in-store retail has seen a resurgence, the online shopping space still dominates the retail industry and eCommerce platforms need to optimize their stores to cater to the demand. Checkout is a pivotal part of the consumer journey, and shopping cart financing is the solution that online retailers look to generate greater monthly sales in the competitive eCommerce industry. ChargeAfter remains a retail favorite for consumer financing as the plugin’s multi-lender network is efficient, effective, and valuable to the consumer. Furthermore, the integration is a powerful sales strategy at the checkout stage. 

In this article, we explore the 4 reasons shopping cart financing is the best way to generate greater monthly sales.

1. Consumers Don’t Need a Credit Card

ChargeAfter’s shopping cart financing solution allows every consumer regardless of whether or not they possess a credit card to access the benefits of instant financing. This means that more consumers browsing online stores are capable of purchasing products from your eCommerce retail space. The lack of credit checks to receive consumer financing with ChargeAfter encourages consumers to buy, and thus promotes conversions for greater monthly sales. As more and more people avoid credit cards and getting into debt, the companies that leverage ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform can continue to entice audiences that may be less willing to order online.

2. The Checkout Process is User-Friendly

Shoppers often turn away from eCommerce stores as a result of clunky user interfaces and consumer journeys that don’t meet modern online retail standards. Consumers are looking to buy from retailers that provide a seamless experience from start to finish, and shopping cart financing is a tool that can support more fluid customer navigation. ChargeAfter’s platform is an easy-to-use plugin that appears during checkout, allowing customers to quickly apply for financing at the push of the button. The process occurs almost instantly as consumers are matched with a lender capable of fulfilling their unique shopping requirements. This streamlines the checkout financing process into a user-friendly experience that is conducive to generating greater monthly sales. 

3. Customers Can Make Larger Orders

Large ticket items and costly orders are a great way to drive up average monthly order values. With ChargeAfter’s consumer financing and shopping cart plugin, customers can easily purchase their favorite products as well as more expensive items on their wishlists. This means that over and above the greater sales coming in every month, businesses can leverage more expensive orders to reflect profitable margins. Customers are more inclined to buy larger orders from online retailers with ChargeAfter’s integration as the zero interest repayment plans mean they do not have to invest heavily in purchasing items today. 

4. Time to Sale is Reduced

The time it takes for a consumer to add an item to their shopping cart, arrive at their shopping cart, secure consumer financing, and make the purchase is reduced significantly through the integration of ChargAfter’s shopping cart financing. Consumers shopping with eCommerce platforms utilizing the integration do not have to spend time checking with their financial service provider or seeking financial support elsewhere. The sale can happen instantly and with financing upfront so that shoppers can continue to go about their day without worrying about another obstacle between them and purchase. This quicker time to purchase will reflect greater monthly sales for an online retail store.

Shopping cart financing is the best way to generate greater monthly sales as it gives retailers access to consumers who do not have credit cards, ensures a seamless user experience at checkout, allows customers to easily purchase expensive items, and reduces the time it takes to make a sale. 

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