5 Expert Tips to Market Your eCommerce Platform and How Online Financing Helps

Nov 12, 2021

Millions of online stores vie for the attention of curious consumers, however, some stand out more than others. eCommerce marketing teams are constantly on the hunt for innovative marketing avenues, strategies, and integrations that promote the benefits of shopping at a specific online store. When it comes to marketing your eCommerce platform, you can leverage the leading online financing solutions at checkout to facilitate a superior marketing strategy. In this article, we outline 5 expert tips to market your eCommerce platform and how online financing helps. 

1. Automate Your Marketing and Online Financing

Marketing automation is becoming increasingly popular as eCommerce owners hope to shift operations to work in favor of the platform rather than stick to models that require extensive financial and time investment. Platforms like Facebook and Shopify give online store owners automation over various activities on their social pages or website platform. eCommerce owners can leverage the benefit of automated advertising and customer service features to free up time, bolster real-time marketing initiatives, and resolve issues of poor performance across customer communication channels. ChargeAfter’s online financing solution is an automated integration that allows customers to access financing at the push of a button. This integration supports the checkout process and ensures that eCommerce marketing during purchase is seamless. 

2. Highlight Success Stories

Online stores need to utilize customer testimonials and success stories to improve marketing strategies. These positive reviews serve as testaments to a brand’s reputability, efficiency, and service delivery. eCommerce owners should utilize testimonials as a marketing avenue by showcasing positive feedback on social pages, the website itself, and advertising campaigns. eCommerce platforms can also include review requests alongside online financing features to develop a testimonial feedback loop for more successful marketing campaigns. 

3. Provide Seamless Experiences

Another way to let one’s online store market itself is to provide seamless experiences for the customer. Online financing from ChargeAfter, for example, provides customers with an efficient checkout experience that allows them to access financing without leaving the online store. This ensures that the sales funnel maintains customer engagement for longer, potentially improving sales as a result. Seamless experiences encourage customers to share their thoughts with others as well as improve an online platform’s SEO ranking, supporting marketing strategies in the process. 

4. Using Campaigns to Retain

Marketing campaigns are key to customer retention, and online financing can further support one’s customer retention strategy. Marketing campaigns can be highly targeted to sell to existing customers or individuals that have browsed an eCommerce platform but are yet to make a purchase. Furthermore, online financing can improve customer lifetime value by improving consumer trust. The combination of several customer retention strategies will support a company’s overall marketing initiatives and ensure that one’s online store can drive a sustainable profit. 

5. Upsell Products at Checkout

A great way to market products that may be performing poorly is to upsell them at checkout. Alongside ChargeAfter’s online financing platform, eCommerce platforms can integrate cross-selling and upselling plug-ins that highlight and pinpoint products related to those in a shoppers cart, alternative product suggestions, or complimentary items that align with the shoppers buying intentions. Upselling products is a surefire way to improve marketing efforts and drive sales.

Online store owners can deploy the following expert tips to ensure that their eCommerce platform cuts through the clutter and drives a return on investment. From automating key areas of the business to promoting customer testimonials, providing seamless user experiences, driving retention campaigns, and upselling items, eCommerce platforms can ensure profitable business growth through superior marketing and commitment to better customer experiences.

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