Your eCommerce Store’s Target Audience Will Convert With POS Financing from ChargeAfter – Here’s Why

Sep 26, 2021

As the eCommerce industry grows, competition becomes stiffer, and online stores have to stand out to attract the attention and conversions of their target audiences. It is easier said than done, however, there are several tools that help the best eCommerce store leverage their brand journey and trigger more sales from their potential consumers. As a result, these businesses see higher average sales values within a work month and greater investment from their customers. In this article, we will discuss how POS financing from ChargeAfter can help your online store generate more conversions and promote business growth. With this digital marketing and financing tool, you will see your conversion rates soar. 

What is POS Financing?

Before we elaborate on the reasons POS financing will promote conversions on your website, we need to understand what the marketing and sales concept is. POS financing refers to an online store’s ability to supplement consumer purchases for customers that may not be in a position to afford the items in the cart. Also known as consumer financing, POS financing, involves facilitating a seamless checkout process for the consumer that encourages them to become a paying customer. 

ChargeAfter is one of the leading POS financing solutions on the market as it offers eCommerce platforms several benefits over and above consumer financing platforms that are already more powerful than traditional financing options. ChargeAfter’s consumer financing platform works with your eCommerce platform to give your customers direct access to capital without having to consult third-party financial institutions. This is one of the many benefits of this POS financing plug-in, and there are many more. Let’s discuss why ChargeAfter POS financing will drive up conversion rates.

Customers Can Get Their Hands on Products Now

POS financing allows customers to order items in their carts immediately and pay upfront and in full. This is beneficial for the business as you receive instant capital on purchase thanks to ChargeAfter’s reputable network of lenders and the customer benefits from making orders sooner rather than later. eCommerce platforms that integrate this consumer financing option experience higher conversion rates as the solution appeal to both spontaneous and considered purchases. Whether they are buying a product on a whim or investing in a lifetime purchase, customers can get products they may have had to forego or save up for easier than ever with ChargeAfter. 

There are Less Financial Formalities

Traditional loans are difficult to process, require credit checks, and often include repayment plans with exorbitant interest rates. ChargeAfter’s POS financing solution eliminates all of these customer inconveniences and, thus, promotes greater conversions as shopping is more readily accessible to consumers. With this consumer financing integration, customers receive personalized repayment plans at zero interest and do not have to pass credit checks in order to receive the financing. The personalization and accessible nature of consumer financing for eCommerce give customers confidence and peace of mind to shop with your online store rather than another. 

More Time to Support Customers

Customer support is critical to achieving higher conversion rates. As consumers filter through your sales funnel, they require attention and that takes time. With ChargeAfter’s POS financing, you can rest assured that the checkout stage of the customer journey is completely covered and automated so that you can place your attention and resources on supporting other areas of their online experience. This will help you manage your leads and turn casual shoppers into frequent buyers for higher conversion rates. 

Positive conversion rates are critical to the success of a business and your online store could raise these rates through the integration of ChargeAfter’s POS financing solution.

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