5 Tips to Generate Leads With Online Marketing Strategy and POS Financing from ChargeAfter

Oct 18, 2021

eCommerce statistics reveal a rise in online shopping following the ease of lockdown restrictions and the increase in confidence of consumers. Online stores continue to dominate the marketplace as a reliable and easy way to shop and to cut through the competition, businesses must promote lead generation with marketing and other strategies such as POS financing at checkout. In this article, we explore 5 critical tips to generate more leads and suggest ways that POS financing can support your marketing and acquisition of new customers. 

1. Ease Checkout With POS Financing

Converting new leads is a critical step in the sales funnel that will increase revenue generation for one’s eCommerce platform. Shoppers who browse your store will be enticed to become converted leads if you deploy modern checkout strategies such as POS financing from ChargeAfter. ChargeAfter’s powerful solution is a checkout plugin that utilizes a reliable multi-lender network to provide customers with access to financing to make a purchase. The integration offers several benefits to your customers, including low APR plans, personalized and tailored repayments, and requires no credit checks to complete an application process. Shoppers are encouraged to become profitable leads with POS financing at checkout from ChargeAfter because of these benefits, promoting sales for the business and sustainable profit generation. ChargeAfter also provides comprehensive support and analytical reports to optimize and improve checkout for seamless shopping and faster lead generation.

2. Create Clear CTAs

With your platform established and POS financing integrated at checkout, you must focus on creating clear calls to actions, or CTAs, that drive traffic to the intended outcome. Lead generation involves encouraging consumer buy-in as a result of attraction to CTAs, so one cannot forego the necessity to unpack a strong CTA. CTAs will feature on your website, social media pages, and other digital marketing platforms to initiate your sales funnel and filter leads from browsers to buyers. 

3. Utilize Paid Digital Marketing

Paid digital marketing is crucial to lead generation and many marketing platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have made it possible to generate leads through advertising management tools. Businesses should deploy several ads across various tools and set the campaign objectives to lead generation, as this aligns with the business goal of driving traffic to the website. This will supply you with an influx of potential leads that may fill out forms to become subscribers or purchase immediately thanks to access to POS financing from ChargeAfter. 

4. Improve Organic Search 

Online stores must implement SEO or seek the services of an SEO expert to optimize their website for search. Organic search is extremely powerful as it enables businesses to focus on specific searcher intent and leverage consumers at the buying stage of the sales funnel. Through keyword strategies, backlinking opportunities, and pay-per-click (PPC) Google ads, eCommerce platforms can appear top of the search results and outshine competitors. This will help you leverage organic leads and potential shoppers. 

5. Optimize Web Experience

Shoppers are unlikely to buy from your store if your web experience is not optimized. Beyond search optimization, eCommerce brands must create a fluid and easy-to-navigate website that is responsive on all devices. The web experience should be simple and efficient, and POS financing from ChargeAfter can ensure that the checkout process is quicker than ever. 

To generate leads, eCommerce platforms must utilize digital marketing and POS financing at checkout from ChargeAfter. The ease of use, integration of strong CTAs, utilization of paid advertising, implementation of organic search optimization, and development of better web experiences will drive traffic to one’s site, promote lead generation, and convert browsers into buyers. 

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