What Do Your Customers Gain from Online Shopping With Point of Sale Financing From ChargeAfter?

Oct 8, 2021

At the core of one’s online store’s success is the customer and eCommerce platforms need to consider new ways to attract and retain a profitable consumer base. With so many marketing strategies available to business owners and their marketing teams, it can be tough choosing a tool to maximize efficiency and drive greater return on investment. That said, point of sale financing solutions are experiencing an increase in interest as the number one integration for checkout to drive sales. This is because point of sale financing, like the platforms that ChargeAfter offers, provides customers with the benefits that we outline in this article.

Instant Gratification With Point of Sale Financing

Online shoppers demand greater eCommerce experiences that allow them to shop quickly and easily. Instant gratification remains a cornerstone of this consumer psychology concept and eCommerce stores would benefit from offering their customers a tool that facilitates this on-demand shopping need. Point of sale (POS) financing from ChargeAfter is an integrated plugin that gives one’s customers access to instant consumer financing solutions at the push of a button. As a result, customers can shop their favorite products immediately and do not have to save for months until they are able to buy. As your customers gain the advantage of instant gratification with your platform, they will more likely turn away from competitors that lack the ability to do so.

Access to Costly Products

In the same breathe as the need to deploy instant gratification strategies, integration with ChargeAfter gives your customers access to products that they may have been previously unable to purchase. As more and more buyers spend time online making considered purchases, the more an eCommerce platform runs the risk of losing out on a sale. With items such as electronics and mattresses, customers shopping with platforms that utilize ChargeAfter can access these costly products with limited repayment concerns as the zero-interest policy lenders are the most affordable loan providers on the market.  

Better Customer Service

Over and above a seamless checkout process that allows customers to purchase goods immediately as well as carts that feature expensive items, ChargeAfter also helps eCommerce owners allocate time and money to other areas of business. With consumer financing at the checkout process managed by ChargeAfter’s helpful plugin, eCommerce teams can focus their attention on providing their customers a higher level of customer service. Quality customer service is a fundamental building block of brand success and an area that you can leverage more easily through the integration of ChargeAfter.

Personalized Brand Experiences

In the modern world of marketing, customers demand personalized brand experiences that set competitors apart from one another. The benefit of ChargeAfter integration is that the platform itself offers personalized repayment solutions depending on the preferences of each shopper. This, coupled with the benefit of applying no credit checks, means that your customers can enjoy a personal experience with your brand that facilitates their unique shopping requirements. Whatsmore, checkout personalization handled by ChargeAfter frees up time for you to personalize other areas of your consumer’s brand experience. Whether it’s delivery solutions or competition rewards, you can drive greater customer retention and acquisition through personalization at every consumer touchpoint. 

The integration of ChargeAfter with one’s eCommerce platform supports business through increased sales and other key metrics. This is because customers gain the benefits of instant gratification, access to expensive items, better customer service, and personalized brand experiences. The combination of these three benefits should help your website see an influx of new customers as well as the retention of your loyal consumer base for higher customer lifetime values

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