Help Your Customers Design Their Dream Home With Financing for Furniture From ChargeAfter

Sep 19, 2021

Whether customers are kitting out their brand new tiny home or moving into a new house, designing their dream home requires investment and consumers are cautious about how they spend when putting together a forever home. Fortunately, interior design and furniture eCommerce stores can attract these skeptical buyers as they make considered purchases with financing for furniture from ChargeAfter

In this article, we explore how retailers can take advantage of the powerful consumer financing solution from ChargeAfter to help customers shop with their stores as they aim to design their dream homes. 

What is Financing for Furniture from ChargeAfter?

ChargeAfter is one of the leading service providers of consumer financing solutions. Consumer financing solutions, or point of sale financing, is a system whereby customers can receive instant financing for their online purchases. ChargeAfter provides a comprehensive network of lenders to businesses that choose to integrate the powerful consumer financing platform. With this platform in place, online interior design and furniture stores can offer their customers seamless access to financing at checkout to purchase their dream home items. Financing for furniture is incredibly beneficial as it allows customers to buy what they want when they want it and online retailers receive payment upfront and in full. 

Below, we explore how your store can benefit from financing for furniture from ChargeAfter as you aim to help customers design their dream homes. 

Give Them Financing On Your Site

One of the benefits of ChargeAfter’s furniture financing solution is that customers do not have to leave your store for financial support. Customers will not have to consult their financial service providers or have to go through credit checks in order to buy their favorite furniture items. Allowing customers to shop your products without having to leave your site keeps them engaged with your brand for longer and more inspired to integrate your items into their dream home. This has the dual benefit of giving them a source of financing that they may need and encourages them to shop other items while they are browsing your store. 

Turn Your Store Into a One-Stop-Shop

Another benefit of furniture financing from ChargeAfter is that the zero-interest repayment solutions entice larger orders from customers. Having eliminated the worry of paying back exorbitant loans on expensive items, your business facilitates a faster time to purchase as well as greater order values. Inevitably, you can shape your business model around being a one-stop furniture store for designing one’s dream home as shoppers can have affordable access to the financing necessary to kit out their entire home in one go. This is possible as ChargeAfter’s system connects consumers with lenders capable of facilitating their unique furniture requirements with no additional payments or interest.

Build More Aspirational Consumers

Furniture retail is a competitive online industry that requires eCommerce platforms to set themselves apart while turning a profit. Through the integration of consumer financing from ChargeAfter, you can inspire more customers through aspirational marketing. This works as those aspirational interior design goals are achievable through the reliable and comprehensive consumer financing plans supplied by ChargeAfter’s lenders to your consumers. You can, as a result, gives customers a greater sense of confidence and freedom when shopping your store and help them achieve the interior that they dream of.

There are many benefits to adopting financing for furniture solutions from ChargeAfter on your online store. Doing so can help your consumers easily achieve their dream home in no time at the best price possible, positioning you as the aspirational leading eCommerce platform for home interiors. 

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