How Online Financing Platforms Offer Great ROI for eCommerce Stores

Sep 10, 2021

eCommerce platforms attract the attention of millions of consumers around the world capable and willing to shop online. There is a growing need to implement reliable and powerful marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition and cut through the clutter. Online retail store owners frequently meet with their marketing teams to consider new avenues for growth, and the best eCommerce stores have already considered and integrated an online financing solution. ChargeAfter remains a popular choice among top online stores as it offers the benefits of online financing for both the consumer and business at the most affordable prices.

The following article will explore how, through the integration of ChargeAfter’s online financing solution, you can promote greater return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing efforts. 

What Makes ChargeAfter the Best Online Financing Provider?

The first question that comes to mind when considering an online financing integration with your eCommerce platform is which service provider to choose. There are a few options available to you, however, ChargAfter remains a strong contender for the many benefits that it offers both your consumers and your business. The following key characteristics set ChargeAfter’s consumer financing model and platform apart from the competition:

Affordable Consumer Financing

ChargeAfter’s integration is one of the most affordable consumer financing platforms on the market that offers the most comprehensive benefits for your customers and your business. The integration itself is cost-effective to deploy directly at checkout and extremely valuable in a financial sense to the consumer. Customers receive access to personalized repayment solutions with zero interest rates. This affordability encourages more shoppers to buy from your store and you will see a significant return on your investment with this budget-friendly online financing platform. 

Easy to Implement and Use

ChargeAfter is one of the most efficient consumer financing plugins on the market. The team is readily available to assist and will fill you in on the quick and seamless signup process. Shortly after chatting and partnering with ChargeAfter, the powerful online financing plugin will be integrated at checkout on your online store. There is little for you, as a business owner, to worry about during the setup process. Within no time, consumers will have access to ChargeAfter’s leading multi-lender consumer financing solution. This easy installation saves you time, and thus money, highlighting the ROI benefit of this platform. Furthermore, the platform is easy to use from a consumer perspective. Shoppers can receive comprehensive consumer financing at the push of a button during checkout without having to leave your website or seek financial support elsewhere. This keeps your marketing funnel tightly contained for greater conversion potential and a higher ROI than other consumer financing strategies. 

How Does Online Financing Compare to Other Marketing Tactics

Online financing should not be considered in isolation of your digital marketing strategy. The feature is an add-on to your existing eCommerce digital marketing that works to support and improve the customer journey, specifically during checkout. As checkout is the most important stage of that journey, having ChargeAfter’s financing solution available will drive sales and increase average order values for greater ROI come the end of a month and financial year. The implementation of this solution can be done quickly and easily to ensure that you are leveraging every aspect of the consumer journey when it comes to your greater digital marketing strategy. Consumer financing forms one of the key components to a successful and profitable strategy. Other tactics and plugins can be added after integration to further support the ROI potential of ChargeAfter’s powerful multi-lender consumer financing solution.

Consider integrating ChargeAfter online financing as it is one of the most affordable and powerful solutions that are easy to install and use. These factors, in addition to its potential alongside other marketing tactics, will ensure that you get the greatest ROI as you deploy your consumer financing strategy. 

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