5 Secrets of Shopping Cart Financing That Drive Online Retail Growth

Aug 26, 2021

1. Multi-Lender Shopping Cart Financing is Most Effective

Consumers finance purchases in several ways, yet there is no approach quite as attractive to a customer and successful for a business as multi-lender shopping cart financing. ChargeAfter is the most reliable supplier of this integration that sets eCommerce stores apart for the many benefits that it offers both the consumer and an online retailer. Rather than offering a single source of financing, consumers are filtered through an expansive network of lenders until they are matched with one capable of fulfilling their unique shopping needs. This is extremely effective as retailers do not need to source lenders while consumers do not need to source capital from third-party lenders or financial service providers. 

2. Personalized Customer Experiences Lead to More Sales

When it comes to marketing for eCommerce platforms, personalization takes center stage as consumers are looking to connect with brands first and foremost. Online retailers that offer individualized strategies unique to consumers see faster growth as they understand the benefit of building one’s brand narrative. Personalization can happen at every stage of the buyer journey, even during the checkout process through the integration of ChargeAfter’s multi-lender shopping cart financing solution. The system is designed to tailor plans according to the customers’ individual purchasing needs and behaviors, adding value to their experience and thus driving more sales. 

3. Consumers Value Businesses That Go Above and Beyond

Businesses that go above and beyond are as successful as businesses that place an emphasis on personalization. Online retailers the integrated ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform free up time and resources previously dedicated to sorting out the checkout process and can relocate them to other areas of their operations such as customer service and user experience. Through providing more comprehensive customer support and a stronger user experience strategy, eCommerce stores showcase their desire to go above and beyond the typical online shopping user experience. 

4. No Credit Checks are Invaluable to Consumers

Credit checks inhibit hundreds and thousands of consumers from securing loans and repayment plans to fund their purchases. This is a massive roadblock in the online buying process that can negatively impact the success of one’s business. ChargeAfter’s shopping cart financing mitigates this concern as no credit checks are required for a customer to secure consumer financing through the multi-lender platform. This is extremely beneficial to the consumer as well as the business in driving growth through broadening one’s consumer base. 

5. Analytics Drive Greater Success

With a successful multi-lender solution in place, online retailers cannot ignore analytics and the need to improve experiences to drive greater success. When it comes to shopping cart financing, ChargeAfter offers comprehensive tracking and reporting alongside analytical recommendations. This added benefit ensures that online retailers are able to make improvements to their checkout process to ensure they are optimizing every level of the consumer journey. This inevitably leads to greater sales and drives online retail growth. 

From personalizing the consumer checkout process to securing conversions through no credit check payment plans, online retail stores can enjoy these 5 secrets of shopping cart financing to drive business growth.
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