How Shopify Retailers Can Create a Seamless Shopping Experience With Consumer Financing From ChargeAfter

Jul 30, 2021

Whether your business is new to Shopify retail or you’ve had success on the platform, the need for a seamless shopping experience remains. Online shopping has grown tremendously and projections predict that the trend will continue, meaning online stores need to determine new ways to attract new customers and retain existing shoppers if they wish to thrive in the competitive online shopping space. This involves developing a clear and efficient shopping experience through the integration of key user experience tactics such as consumer financing and omni-channel strategies.

In this article, we outline how Shopify retailers can create a seamless shopping experience with POS consumer financing from ChargeAfter.

What is ChargeAfter’s Consumer Financing Platform?

Consumer financing platforms are designed to give customers access to repayment plans at checkout, encouraging them to make a purchase and pay for it in monthly installments at later dates. The power of consumer financing lies in its ability to give shoppers immediate access to the capital required to make a purchase. But, what sets one consumer financing platform apart from others? ChargeAfter has differentiated itself as the go-to consumer financing platform as it utilizes a back-end multi-lender process that gives customers access to zero-interest capital at the push of a button. This platform comes as a Shopify plug-in for seamless integration and plans are some of the most budget-friendly on the market. 

What Makes Consumer Financing Platforms Worth It?

The benefits of integrating ChargeAfter’s consumer financing platform are manifold, serving both business and customer for profitable growth and better shopping experiences. The benefits are linked to the platform’s ability to encourage more sales monthly while meeting the growing demands of online shoppers who browse Shopify for the best deals and greatest user experiences. Let’s take a look at the shopping experience benefits for Shopify retailers utilizing this consumer financing platform:

Shopping is Quicker Than Ever

When it comes to buying from Shopify retailers, customers make their minds up in a matter of seconds upon arriving at the checkout process. This critical consumer touchpoint is a make it or break it moment, and the best and most successful Shopify stores give customers the quickest time to purchase to close deals. This involves integrating a consumer financing platform as these plug-ins allow customers to purchase products immediately without having to leave one’s online store. At the push of a button, they are given access to zero-interest repayment plans better than anything they could source from third-party sites or their financial service providers. This efficient process creates a seamless shopping experience for quick sales. 

Shopping Big is Easier Than Ever

Consumer financing platforms like ChargeAfter also create a more engaging shopping experience by giving customers more leverage when making a purchase. The addition of zero-interest repayment plans means shoppers can have access to the capital required to make large ticket purchases. ChargeAfter’s platform promotes large ticket sales in a variety of ways and doing so benefits both the online shopping experience and a retailer’s bottom line. 

Shopping Benefits are Front of Mind

Customers shop with brands that benefit their shopping experience. The integration of consumer financing from ChargeAfter makes these benefits front of mind as customers are continuously reminded of the powerful Shopify integration whenever they review their carts to make a purchase. Providing this value-add to shoppers encourages them to become first-time buyers as well as retains existing customers who wish to shop on a monthly or yearly basis.

From bringing your brand’s value-add to your customers’ attention to creating more opportunities for big sales, integrating ChargeAfter’s multi-lender consumer financing platform creates a seamless shopping experience for customers that helps drive monthly sales.

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