Here’s Why Waterfall Consumer Financing With ChargeAfter Leads to Profitable eCommerce Growth

Aug 15, 2021

The nature of online retail continues to change and develop as more shoppers become confident purchasing from eCommerce platforms. Today, there are millions of online stores across all industries that compete with one another for consumer attention. There is a growing concern surrounding eCommerce platforms on how to adapt to the ever-changing online retail landscape, and what measures to take to promote sustainable profitable growth through the acquisition of these shoppers. The checkout stage is proving the most pivotal consumer touchpoint to secure a sale, and waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter is making waves as one of the go-to strategies for encouraging sales and, in turn, promoting profitable growth. 

In this article, we will elaborate on the reasons why this form of consumer financing supports the long-term success of eCommerce platforms

ChargeAfter’s Waterfall Consumer Financing is Affordable

ChargeAfter offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable waterfall consumer financing packages on the market. This multi-lender platform allows consumers to access consumer financing on the fly through a network of trustworthy lenders. These prime and subprime lenders accept and offer their unique loan requirements with zero-interest repayment solutions. The solution ensures that integration for an eCommerce store is incredibly affordable and the solutions for consumer shopping with your store are the most affordable and competitive across the board. By providing affordable value on both ends of the online retail experience, for businesses and shoppers alike, eCommerce platforms can drive profitable growth through the positive and accessible integration of sound marketing strategies.

Waterfall Consumer Financing Reduces Time to Sale

The success of one’s online store hinges on its ability to encourage as many sales within a business month as possible, and this is affected by several key factors. One primary contributor to the success or failure of achieving average recurring sales goals is time, more specifically how time impacts the month-end values. With ChargeAfter, eCommerce platforms reduce the time it takes for a consumer to make a purchase by providing them with all of their consumer financing needs upfront and on the online store. Consumers shopping with ChargeAfter-integrated stores do not need to spend time seeking loans or financing via third-party sites or their financial service providers. This saves the consumer time and secures a quicker time to sale for profitable growth on average monthly order volumes for businesses. 

Waterfall Consumer Financing is an Instant Solution

The affordable and reliable packages from ChargeAfter give businesses instant access to all the profitable benefits of waterfall consumer financing integration. The plugin is directly embedded into one’s site and is accessible to consumers in no time. Furthermore, consumers who utilize the platform receive the financing necessary to pay for orders upfront and in full. This means that your sales margins reflect growth instantly and there is no waiting period over the course of a few business months. Employing ChargeAfter’s consumer financing platform also gives you instant access to an extensive network of reliable lenders. Therefore, you do not need to spend time applying for lending partnerships or seeking support from alternative sources. All eCommerce platforms need to do is contact ChargeAfter about pricing and plans and receive access to the waterfall consumer financing solution almost immediately. 

ChargeAfter offers both consumers and businesses tremendous benefits through the seamless integration of a powerful waterfall consumer financing platform. Many online retailers deploy the multi-lender platform for its ability to reduce times to sales and provide instantaneous financial support, encouraging long-term profitable business growth at the most affordable price point. Online stores that integrate ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing beat businesses that do not on all fronts. 

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