eCommerce Platforms are Transforming Online Retail with ChargeAfter’s Buy Now Pay Later Bigcommerce Solution

Aug 15, 2021

Considering the latest eCommerce trends that highlight a rapidly growing online shopping industry, Bigcommerce retailers need to implement new solutions for acquiring and retaining customers. From millennials to GenZ shoppers, one’s potential consumer base is large and online retailers need to find ways to appeal to each age bracket and broader shopper with distinct purchasing behaviors. One such model that more and more Bigcommerce retailers are finding success with is introducing ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later Bigcommerce solution. 

This innovative consumer financing platform is reshaping the online retail industry, allowing businesses big and small to enjoy greater profit margins and consumers to have easier access to products. In this article, we explore the transformation of online shopping through ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later Bigcommerce solution in more detail. 

How Does ChargeAfter’s Buy Now Pay Later Bigcommerce Solution Work?

ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform is a consumer financing checkout integration that allows consumers to request financial support from reputable lenders on the front-end of a Bigcommerce store. The platform works by connecting shoppers with a variety of lenders, based on their personal shopping needs, who are able to facilitate minimal to zero-interest loans so that shoppers can easily purchase goods from the Bigcommerce store. This seamlessly integrated plugin can offer shoppers a seamless online consumer journey and retailers enormous returns on investment. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the platform transforms online retail for the shopper and retailer.

What’s In It for Shoppers?

Shopping with Bigcommerce stores that integrate ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later solution offers customers a range of benefits. Customers experience the following key improvements in their consumer journey with Bigcommerce stores that utilize the platform versus those that do not:

Shopping Is Easier Than Ever

One of the primary benefits for shoppers of having ChargeAfter’s solution integrated with your Bigcommerce store is giving consumers a seamless shopping experience that the competition does not. Shoppers are able to fly through the checkout process with quick access to consumer financing without even having to leave your store.

More Shoppers Can Shop

A huge part of running a successful Bigcommerce store is how capable your platform is at acquiring and retaining customers. More often than not, customers abandon their carts as they cannot justify the purchase of a costly item. With ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform, consumers have instant access to zero-interest financing to make a purchase. This broadens your consumer base as more customers are capable of ordering from your store. 

What’s In It for Retailers?

By providing value for customers, Bigcommerce stores that implement ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform experience several significant benefits themselves. The following points highlight the ways in which this platform can drive profitable business growth and support long-term business sustainability for online retailers:

You Receive More Sales, Quicker

The business perk of providing consumers with a seamless and easy shopping experience is that you reduce the time to sales. More shoppers can filter through your sales funnel more quickly, leading to an increase in average monthly order volumes. The efficient process speeds up consumer checkout, helping you achieve sales goals faster.

You Drive Up Order Values

Large ticket purchases are important for Bigcommerce retailers as they drive up average monthly order values and ensure that one’s online store turns a sustainable profit. With ChargeAfter’s efficient and zero-interest lending options, consumers can access consumer financing to make bigger orders. This will increase your order values and drive sales during a business month.

Online retail platforms that integrate ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later Bigcommerce solution are transforming the way consumers shop and the benefits that their businesses experience from these novel changes. All retailers are capable of leveraging the potential of consumer financing and adding this value for the consumers who browse their stores. With ChargeAfter, Bigcommerce stores stay a cut above the competition.

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