The 4 Best eCommerce Platforms You Can Integrate With BNPL

Apr 15, 2022

Choosing a brand name, defining your customer segments, and conducting market research are some of the first steps to introducing your new eCommerce store. But, before you launch you should consider which eCommerce platform is right for your business. Each service provider offers unique benefits that enable businesses to craft attractive online presences. And, no eCommerce platform is created equally. So, choosing the right platform from the start is pivotal. In most cases, we recommend eCommerce platforms that support the integration of BNPL services. This allows your business to capitalize on the massive revenue potential of this payment option, helping you beat the competition. In this guide, we explore the 4 best eCommerce platforms you can integrate with BNPL services to increase conversions and build brand loyalty.

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most reliable and strategically strong eCommerce platforms on the market. The platform features a myriad of sales channels, plugins, and additional benefits that are geared to driving profitable business growth. The platform enables eCommerce directly through your website and has full integration with social media channels to leverage Millenial and Generation Z consumer interest. ChargeAfter’s BNPL services can be integrated with Shopify to ensure that businesses drive sales. This consumer financing feature enables seamless payment for consumers, facilitating a faster time to sell and improving customer loyalty. Furthermore, analytical reports from ChargeAfter and Shopify can help marketing teams make stronger strategic decisions. 

2. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is an incredibly powerful eCommerce platform designed with big businesses in mind. The platform is fully hosted and provides extensive business management options for teams to facilitate seamless workflow navigation. The platform has multiple payment options already integrated, and it is extremely simple to integrate ChargeAfter’s BNPL services over and above these. Doing so will bridge the gap between your business and a vast majority of consumers that prefer to shop with online stores that offer multiple, efficient payment options.

3. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an easy-to-integrate eCommerce platform that appeals to businesses using WordPress to host and manage their websites. The WooCommerce plugin is fast, efficient, and enables superior facilitation of eCommerce innovations and analytical reporting. Thousands of WooCommerce plugins let marketing teams optimize their back-end systems, streamlining workflow and reducing time allocation to mundane or repetitive tasks. As a highly customizable platform, WooCommerce is perfect for the ever-evolving nature of eCommerce. Simple integration with ChargeAfter’s consumer financing features allows businesses to take advantage of online financing benefits and increase monthly order values and volumes. 

4. Adobe Commerce (Formerly Magento)

Formerly known as Magento, Adobe Commerce is a non-hosted eCommerce platform that offers incredible flexibility for businesses large and small. The platform offers free options to get started, ensuring that new businesses are able to quickly integrate and consider the benefits of utilizing Adobe Commerce. The platform offers incredible customization and the ability to integrate additional plugins for greater workflow and innovative eCommerce solutions. Companies can install ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing services into their Adobe Commerce platform to leverage the many benefits of BNPL. Doing so can greatly improve monthly sales and give your eCommerce platform an advantage over competitors. 

As you prepare to launch your businesses on the best eCommerce platform you can integrate with BNPL, we highly recommend searching for the most reputable consumer financing service providers. With ChargeAfter, you can leverage the incredible benefits of buy now pay later solutions in the most efficient and effective way possible. Partnering with ChargeAfter enables you to drive sales and increase revenue no matter the eCommerce platform that you choose to launch with.

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