How Waterfall Consumer Financing from ChargeAfter Supports Online Shoppers’ Purchasing Behaviors

Sep 6, 2021

The modern shopper is savvy and mobile-ready, busy and demands quick turnaround, confident and vocal about their shopping concerns. The purchasing behaviors of shoppers have shifted from being more relaxed to being far more involved. Furthermore, a massive increase in the shopping behaviors occurring in the digital space means that business owners need to react with agility and serve their consumers as they change their buying behavior. There are many tools to help support online shopper’s purchasing behaviors, and waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter remains a critical addition to one’s eCommerce store in the modern shopping environment. 

In this article, we discuss how this specific financing strategy provides better shopping for your consumers and greater growth for your online retail store. 

Waterfall Consumer Financing Supports Every Customer

Online retail continues to dominate the industry and more and more people are searching through the catalogs of online stores for their groceries, technological appliances, etc. Shoppers can buy just about anything online and access to digital retail means that eCommerce stores are seeing a rise in individuals browsing their stores. As more people flock to eCommerce platforms, it is essential that businesses integrate features to drive up sales of these individuals who are new to the digital retail space. The trick to winning them over is providing accessible solutions that cater to people from all walks of life. One such tool is waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter. Utilizing an extensive multi-lender network, ChargeAfter is able to offer every single one of your consumer’s instant access to financing to make a purchase. This ensures that your eCommerce platform is able to attract a wider consumer base, leveraging the increase in online shoppers.

Consumers Want a Stress-Free Experience

Online shopping is not a new concept. In fact, businesses have been identifying online shopping behaviors for years and have been employing new strategies to cater to shifts in the landscape. As of today, a stress-free shopping experience is the most essential output of operational activity to drive sales and support shoppers’ purchasing behaviors. Online shoppers call on eCommerce retailers to provide them with a journey that is more efficient than if they were to have to go into a physical store. This involves clearly displaying products and specials, offering constant customer support through chatbot integration, and facilitating the financing of purchases through waterfall consumer financing. This feature allows your customers to quickly and seamlessly buy their orders without having to worry about costly repayments or consulting a third-party financial service provider.

Customers Value Personalized Shopping

Personalization is key in the modern online retail space as shoppers want to experience the same personal connection with their favorite brands in the digital sphere in the same way that they once did when visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Personalization can be done at every level of marketing, from customized emails based on a shopper’s buying profile to special discounts according to related purchases. Business owners should also note that the checkout process can be personalized through the integration of waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter. This platform pairs customers seeking consumer financing with lenders capable of fulfilling their unique shopping requirements. This personalization gives them access to zero-interest solutions without having to go through credit checks. 

When it comes to the modern online retail experience, consumer shopping behaviors dictate the flow of eCommerce growth and the success of one’s business. Today, consumers want access to their favorite products easier than ever before, seek a stress-free shopping experience from browsing to delivery, and value personalization above all else. With waterfall consumer financing, you can support each of these critical online shopping behaviors.

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