Mattress Financing Has Never Been Easier With ChargeAfter’s Buy Now Pay Later eCommerce Platform

Aug 26, 2021

When it comes to sleep, whether it’s resetting one’s circadian rhythms or preventing the dreaded backache, a mattress is an investment worth every penny. That said, mattresses do not come cheap and they are certainly an investment requiring planning and careful consideration. The modern shopper is capable of purchasing a mattress on the fly online through the best mattress stores, however, the funds required to do so are not always accessible and costly interest rates tend to put shoppers off from upgrading their mattress through online retailers. 

When it comes to mattress financing, ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later eCommerce platform can help consumers purchase a new mattress easier than ever before. In doing so, the platform can benefit mattress retailers tremendously in an industry that competes heavily for consumer attention in order to turn a profit and beat out the competition. Here’s how ChargeAfter’s consumer-focused financing platform supports profitable business growth by benefiting mattress shoppers:

Zero-Interest Repayment Solutions

ChargeAfter’s powerful multi-lender platform pairs customers with lenders capable of facilitating their mattress orders with zero-interest repayment plans. Part of the reason consumers are so skeptical about buying mattresses online is that the investment becomes incredibly costly when having to source financing from third-party sites or financial service providers subject to high interest rates. The lack of interest rates through the integration of ChargeAfter’s platform gives consumers an advantage on these eCommerce mattress stores and encourages greater monthly sales because of this advantage. This is a gap in the market for customer conversion promotion many mattress retailers fail to consider for their checkout integration.

Larger Orders are More Accessible

Another reason shoppers are more likely to seek mattress financing from eCommerce stores with ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later solution is that it allows them to make larger orders. Customers that shop with online stores that do not offer the seamless ChargeAfter integration are required to seek the financial assistance elsewhere. In doing so, credit checks are usually required by financial institutions or private lenders as they want to ensure that a consumer is capable of repaying the terms. With ChargeAfter, there are no credit checks that limit a consumer’s ability to purchase a mattress from your store. This means that larger orders are more accessible to every type of consumer, helping drive up your business’s average order values within a business month.

Faster Time to Purchase

Time to purchase is a key factor that influences the success or failure of an online mattress store. This is especially evident as large ticket items like mattresses require more comprehensive consumer decision-making than smaller items. Mattresses fall into the category of a considered purchase as they require a large investment. Considered purchases are much trickier areas to market and land sales as the competition is rife, the justification for a purchase needs to be strong, and there should be novel buying methods to suit the larger cost of these items. With ChargeAfter’s multi-lender integration, consumers can more easily filter through the considered purchase decision-making process and shop more confidently with online retailers. This encourages a quicker time to purchase, which in turn drives a business’s average monthly order volumes up. 

Mattresses are a costly investment, although well-worth it as consumers will likely spend most nights for the next 10 years resting their bodies in their new bed. That is why customers should not avoid paying for quality mattresses through the best online eCommerce platforms, and your site can leverage this emotional buy-in with ChargeAfter. The platform ensures that consumers are capable of buying from your mattress store easier and more quickly than ever before, turning casual browsers into paying customers.

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