How Electronics Financing With ChargeAfter Promotes Greater ROI for Bigcommerce Tech Stores

Aug 26, 2021

Tech stores around the globe are seeing increased consumer attention in the online retail space as it becomes easier than ever to buy one’s latest gadgets, upgrade mobile device contracts, and more from the comfort of one’s home. Online shopping’s ease-of-use has helped Bigcommerce stores profit from tech-savvy and confident consumers capable of fulfilling their purchasing needs via the digital retail spaces. But, competition is rife and Bigcommerce stores need to improve their existing sites to promote a greater return on investment (ROI). Electronics financing from ChargeAfter steps in to support Bigcommerce tech stores through a readily available buy now pay later platform unlike others on the market.

In this article, we explore how tech stores can leverage ChargeAfter’s novel consumer financing to make more sales in the most cost-effective way possible.

The Best BNPL Platform for Electronics Financing 

ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later (BNPL) platform is the best electronics financing solution available to Bigcommerce tech stores and other eCommerce platforms. The platform utilizes a multi-lender protocol whereby consumers are immediately paired with a lender among the network of thousands. Consumers are filtered through prime and subprime lenders until they find a match in a lender that is capable of fulfilling their unique shopping requirements. Whether consumers are purchasing large ticket items such as the latest 4K flat screen or simply purchasing an entry-level phone, the tailored repayment solutions are designed with the customer in mind. This level of personalization ensures that ChargeAfter is able to deliver a consumer financing solution geared towards the modern-day customer

How ChargeAfter’s Electronics Financing Saves Bigcommerce Stores Money

The multi-lender platform from ChargeAfter saves Bigcommerce tech stores and other eCommerce retailers money by minimizing the time and financial investment required to attract and retain customers. Firstly, the platform is one of the most affordable consumer financing solutions on the market. Secondly, the platform is seamlessly integrated into one’s online retail store through the careful assistance of a team of eCommerce experts. This takes the stress of setting up out of a business owner’s hands and saves you time in the process. Finally, the integration drives ROI by encouraging quicker sales. 

How exactly does it do this? Let’s explore the benefits of electronics financing with ChargeAfter:

Attracts Customers Quicker

One of the primary factors to consider ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform is in its ability to fast-track new customer conversions. The platform is designed to keep consumers on your retail store for longer, as well as promote an efficient checkout process. Through the ability to access consumer financing at an instant, customers are capable of making orders on the fly without having to consult a third-party lender or financial service provider. 

Bigcommerce Stores Get Instant Access to Lenders

Bigcommerce tech stores and other eCommerce sites that partner with ChargeAfter get instant access to our extensive network of reliable lenders. Instead of having to spend time partnering with third-party lenders or curating a network of your own, we offer everything that you need to offer consumer financing in the most efficient way possible. This means that your customers can have access to consumer financing in a matter of days, fast-tracking a greater ROI.

ChargeAfter has made a name for itself as the most powerful consumer financing platform for Bigcommerce and other eCommerce platforms alike because of its unique use of a reliable multi-lender platform. The solution offers businesses several benefits, the primary ones linked to its ability to reduce company costs and promote greater ROI. From attracting new customers to getting instant access to lenders and more, online tech stores can gain the competitive edge with electronics financing from ChargeAfter.

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