Online Financing Has Never Been Easier With ChargeAfter’s Multi-Lender Platform! Here’s Why

Oct 8, 2021

Are you searching for a reliable and affordable online financing solution to support your customers as they browse and buy from your eCommerce store? ChargeAfter is the leading consumer financing solution on the market that provides an easy-to-use checkout integration for superior management of your consumer journey. In this article, we highlight the key reasons online financing has never been easier with ChargeAfter and showcase why you should consider this platform in your online businesses arsenal of marketing tools.

ChargeAfter’s Online Financing Does the Work

Consumer financing can be a completed ballgame without the proper support of professional plugin technicians. ChargeAfter eliminates concerns regarding consumer financing by handling the integration process for you. The ChargeAfter online financing solution provides your customers with seamless access to consumer financing at the push of a button on your website. Furthermore, ChargeAfter supplies your customers with access to an already established network of reliable lenders. The entire online financing application process occurs through the plugin and leaves you without having to manage application and lending at checkout. This will free up time for your marketing team to focus on other areas of the website experience. 

Comprehensive Analytics and Reports

The best online financing solutions on the market should provide analytics and reports to propose areas of improvement at checkout. ChargeAfter does this and goes over and above the industry standard by facilitating profitable checkout development based on analytical data. As successful marketing is driven by strategic insights, the improvement of the checkout experience coincides with monthly reports for informed decisions that drive greater return on investment. These reports help ChargeAfter assess other potential opportunities for checkout expansion to drive higher customer acquisition and retention rates, such as recommendations on product upselling and more. With this information, business owners can discuss strategies with their marketing teams that align with analytics to create a comprehensive roadmap and direction for growth.

Full-Service Customer Support

The benefits of integrating ChargeAfter also lie in the comprehensive customer support that partners receive from the platforms team of dedicated online financing experts. ChargeAfter is readily available to assist with all your integration needs, consumer financing questions, and concerns regarding customer satisfaction with multi-lender solutions at checkout. The same level of customer support that businesses provide their consumers is extended to the businesses that partner with ChargeAfter. 

Integrated With a Few Simple Steps

eCommerce platforms can integrate ChargeAfter’s powerful checkout plugin in a few simple steps. Simply contact a ChargeAfter representative to inquire about the consumer financing services and you will receive a tailored consumer financing plan according to your website’s unique preferences. ChargeAfter can be integrated on various eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Hybris, and more. The integration is quick, easy, and handled by ChargeAfter. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your customers will have access to the benefits of consumer financing in no time and your online store will experience greater performance on major marketing metrics sooner rather than later. 

The Bottom Line

Online financing has never been easier with ChargeAfter’s powerful multi-lender platform. Regarded as a leading consumer financing solution provider, ChargeAfter is capable of facilitating the seamless integration of customer financing packages efficiently. ChargeAfter facilitates the integration process, provides comprehensive analytics and data for improvements, offers round-the-clock customer support for partners, and deploys solutions quickly upon acceptance. This helps businesses offer customers consumer financing benefits in no time and helps your eCommerce store see an increase in sales and profitable return on investment shortly after contacting the ChargeAfter support team for integration.

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