Integrating ChargeAfter with Your Shopify eCommerce Platform

Jul 23, 2021

Shopify has approximately 11 percent of the total eCommerce market share, putting the platform ahead of several other eCommerce solution providers. The power that Shopify businesses have over the online retail space continues to grow, and this is a result of Shopify stores offering customers a seamless online shopping experience that caters to their growing consumer needs. Despite these facts being true, many Shopify retailers are unaware of key retail strategies that drive profitable growth and promote monthly sales. In this article, we shed light on one of the most powerful Shopify integrations that every business owner can leverage for improved revenue generation. The solution comes in the form of a buy now pay later Shopify platform powered by the multi-lender market leader, ChargeAfter.

Below, we discuss how your online store can integrate ChargeAfter’s effective solution with your Shopify eCommerce platform seamlessly and showcase the benefits of doing so.

What is ChargeAfter’s eCommerce Solution?

Buy now pay later Shopify solutions are not a new concept, however, ChargeAfter is taking the idea one step further by offering the most affordable and reliable multi-lender platform that can be easily integrated with any Shopify store. The multi-lender platform for merchants is a sought-after consumer financing system that activates key marketing strategies at one of the most critical consumer touchpoints for online shopping, the checkout process. In a nutshell, the ChargeAfter platform provides your consumers with access to consumer financing at the push of a button by connecting them with tailored financing plans from a large pool of lenders. Consumers need not worry about credit checks or other hassling online shopping experiences should they wish to place an order but do not have the capital to do so. This solution increases the time to purchase and offers businesses access to a wealth of benefits we will outline below.

The Benefits of Integrating ChargeAfter’s Buy Now Pay Later Shopify Platform

The benefits of integrating ChargeAfter’s platform are two-fold – offering exceptional shopping experiences for your customers while promoting sales and driving up business revenue. Let’s take a closer look at how your business benefits from this multi-lender platform:

Access to New Customers

Customer acquisition can become costly, but chances are customers are browsing your online store but have yet to be in a position to purchase. These warm leads can be targeted through the integration of a buy now pay later Shopify solution. This is because new customers can have quick access to capital at zero interest fees and make instant purchases without having to factor in extensive repayment plans. The quicker process, ease of use, and exclusion of credit checks with this platform allow your business to tap into these new customers today.

Rewarding Return Customers

Acquiring new customers is one part of the marketing strategy, and promoting return customers is the other. This is arguably even more important as return customers represent loyal buyers who trust your brand and are willing to spend with you. As a result, Shopify retailers need to consider consumer financing solutions like the platform developed by ChargeAfter as these allow loyal customers to make larger purchases without concerns over costly repayments. These return customers will feel rewarded and more inclined to shop with you, driving up your average monthly sales volumes as well as large ticket purchases.

The integration of ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform is one of the most popular Spotify strategies for driving up revenue and satisfying customers who shop on the online platform. Your business can get ahead of the competition by showcasing the added value to your customers through this integration, a strategy that leverages your existing consumer shopping experience with state-of-the-art financing.

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