How to Reach More Millennial and Gen Z Shoppers This Year With Buy Now Pay Later

Jun 21, 2022

This year, more millennial and gen z shoppers have entered the world of digital retail as mobile shopping has become more convenient than ever. The modern online shopping experience is extremely appealing to younger shoppers as it saves them time and money, that they would otherwise spend on having to travel to brick-and-mortar stores. Furthermore, millennial and gen z shoppers enjoy sourcing their favorite products from eCommerce platforms that align with their interests. This is more possible through online selling as millennials and gen z shoppers have few shopping restrictions in the digital space. In this article, we provide tips and tricks on how to reach more millennial and gen z shoppers this year to capitalize on their growing purchasing power. 

Integrate BNPL Options at Checkout

According to authoritative sources, buy now, pay later (BNPL) services are incredibly appealing to millennials and gen z shoppers. This is linked to the fact that BNPL services provide the most affordable financing on the market and require very little time investment traditionally required to take out loans from a financial service provider. Furthermore, these options do not require credit checks. Most of the shoppers within this category do not have credit cards or may have low credit scores as a result of foregoing the use of credit cards as traditionally done by older shoppers. BNPL options at checkout attract this consumer category as they solve several key pain points, and eCommerce businesses would be wise to partner with the best BNPL service providers to increase their sales to this shopping segment. 

Create Interactive Content

Beyond providing an affordable and seamless shopping experience at checkout through the integration of BNPL services, eCommerce brands should create interactive content that appeals to this younger demographic to win their attention. Dynamic content like quizzes and animated graphics are extremely appealing to millennials and gen z shoppers as they are more interactive than traditional forms of media. Furthermore, the use of these types of interactive content can help brands cut through the clutter on social feeds and Google.

Choose Better Advertising Placements

Hand in hand with creating content is distributing that content via the right platforms and at the right time. eCommerce marketing teams need to understand the platforms that millennials and gen z shoppers use, especially when browsing for products within specific industries. These consumers categories are particularly active on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit, making these channels ideal areas for advertising placements. That said, you should analyze your key metrics to determine the best areas to approach your younger shoppers. 

Offer Better Deals Than the Competition

Younger shoppers love a good deal, so eCommerce businesses should attract their attention with specials or discounts that are superior to that of the competitors. There are many ways to distribute deals, from coupon codes to influencer referrals, so consider all avenues while developing your promotion strategy

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Be sure to take advantage of email marketing to distribute any and all of your most significant pieces of content. Email marketing is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing, and it applies to millennials and gen z shoppers. You should deliver promotions and other content via an email database that you can collect using powerful email magnets

By integrating BNPL services at checkout, creating interactive content, choosing better advertising placements, offering better deals than competitors, and taking advantage of email marketing, eCommerce marketing teams can reach more millennials and gen z shoppers this year to improve sales and grow profit margins. 

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