How Does ChargeAfter’s Multi-Lender Platform Help WooCommerce eCommerce Retailers Achieve More Sales?

Jul 3, 2021

Has your WooCommerce eCommerce store done everything it possibly can to attract new customers and retain them? Considering that new marketing tactics such as omnichannel strategies and powerful plugins such as ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing multi-lender platform are being integrated by the best WooCommerce retailers, then the chances are that your answer to this question will be a resounding “no.” When it comes to online shopping, it is imperative that businesses find novel solutions to consumer financing problems, and that is exactly where ChargeAfter’s platform benefits WooCommerce. By providing new and loyal consumers with access to reliable and zero-interest financing at the checkout stage with the platform, businesses may achieve more sales. But, how exactly does ChargeAfter’s platform help e-retailers achieve this increase in sales? In this article, we will take a closer look.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customers are more likely to shop with e-retailers that offer significant benefits in comparison with alternative competitors on the market. Customer loyalty plays a powerful role in a company’s sales as returning customers are extremely valuable. For this reason, the integration of ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform may improve sales by building more loyal customer relationships. This is possible by providing customers with accessible means to consumer financing at no additional interest costs, showcasing the high regard for which a WooCommerce business holds its consumers. This ultimately results in more customers returning to purchase from your store, increasing your monthly sales.

Simple, Quick Purchasing Process

ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform is easily integrated and provides consumers with a simple and quick online shopping process through back-end driven point of sale financing. How it works is that consumers simply select the consumer financing option available at checkout and receive automatic financial support from a sub-lender. This streamlines the process as opposed to consumers reaching out to third-party lenders and makes their shopping experience much quicker. A quicker shopping experience means more sales are possible per day, driving your monthly revenue upwards.

Improved Average Order Value

Part of the reason shoppers shy away from large ticket orders is that they don’t have access to the funds required to make a purchase. The more consumers that are unable to purchase your more expensive items, the lower your average order value becomes. The integration of ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform can combat this as consumers are given access to capital and are encouraged to use the platform for the benefit of zero-interest on loans. This allows more consumers to make large ticket orders, improving your average order values and monthly sales.

Secure, Safer Point of Sale Financing

Another reason customers turn away from WooCommerce eCommerce stores is that the point of sale financing process is not always secure and safe. With ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform, your site can benefit from instant access to reliable and trustworthy lenders through our vetted network. This saves you time spent exploring and attracting lenders to facilitate your shoppers, giving your consumers instant access to the most secure consumer financing available on the market. Happy and confident shoppers are more inclined to buy, growing your sales in the process.

Access to New Consumers

Finally, providing a comprehensive point of sale financing solution gives your WooCommerce eCommerce store access to an entirely new database of consumers. Customers that may turn away from competitors for their lack of no credit check financing solutions may land on your site and be encouraged to purchase thanks to the integration with ChargeAfter’s powerful multi-lender platform. More new customers mean more potential sales and more growth for your business.

From increasing customer loyalty to accessing new customers, ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform helps WooCommerce eCommerce retailers around the world achieve more sales.

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