Key Features Of ChargeAfter’s Point Of Sale Financing Platform

Oct 30, 2020

Key Features Of ChargeAfter’s Point Of Sale Financing Platform

Partnering with an established and trusted Point of Sale financing provider can help empower your business. From increasing revenue to improving customer retention and reducing abandoned carts, there is certainly no shortage of benefits when it comes to offering online financing. However, with most consumer financing partners, integrating these solutions into your business can be a tedious and lengthy process. In most cases, it requires complex development and time to wrap your head around the system not to mention the time it takes to train staff members. This all takes up vital resources that could be used to focus on key components of your business. 

ChargeAfter has developed an online platform that eliminates most of these frustrations by providing merchants with a state of the art decisioning engine, omnichannel technology, and endless resources to help unlock the platform’s full potential and maximize your brand’s profits. Here are a few key features of the ChargeAfter POS financing platform:

Seamless Integration And Testing

ChargeAfter’s platform simplifies integrations based on your needs by using 3 different channels. This allows merchants to choose the best approach based on their existing systems, sales, and functionality. These include:

  • Integration using eCommerce plugins for major platforms including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other renowned platforms available on the market.
  • JavaScript SDK that can be integrated into stores who do not work with the supported platforms mentioned above but rather use their own custom-built systems and technologies. 
  • Custom-developed integrations via the RESTful API that allow merchants to build a unique checkout experience while using ChargAfter’s core capabilities and functionality. 

In addition to seamless integration, ChargeAfter also provides merchants with testing tools and a Sandbox environment to ensure your current system and processes are not affected during development and integration. 

White Label Options

Using a consumer financing partner platform shouldn’t mean that your branding and identity are lost during the application and checkout process. Your customers identify with your brand and ChargeAfter is dedicated to making your brand shine, not ours. Our white label solutions allow you to customize and personalize the entire shopping cart financing experience inline with your corporate identity.  

Omni-Channel Financing

ChargeAfter’s functionality and capabilities are not limited to one location or eCommerce platform. Merchants can use our integrations in retail stores or call centers in any location. Merchants are also able to offer consumer financing across multiple currencies, which is extremely beneficial for brands that are expanding their global reach.

Account Management And Reporting

One of the downsides to some platforms is that there are limited capabilities when it comes to full reporting and actions on accounts. ChargeAfter provides merchants with a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to cancel, refund, reconcile, or settle paid-up accounts. The reporting features also allow you to track and measure data, which is beneficial for marketing, upselling, and forecasting. 

Direct Access To A Multi Lender Network

You don’t need to spend the time or effort trying to source a network of lenders. The ChargeAfter platform connects to various trusted lenders in the industry that will facilitate the loan and payment terms based on the applicant’s details. Having a variety of lenders will also help improve approval rates. More approvals mean more happy customers and more sales for your business.


Everyone is entitled to data security and privacy, something that is always top of mind for ChargeAfter. When dealing with sensitive information like payments and personal information, it is important to have the tools in place to protect that data at all costs. The ChargeAfter platform is ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27018:2014, and PCI level 2 certified and offers security features like fraud prevention to keep all merchants, lenders, and consumers data safe.

Additional Support

As we mentioned before, limited resources can cost your business and staff a lot of time. The ChargeAfter team offers 24/7 customer support for any errors, issues, or questions you may have about the platform. Whether your staff needs a little assistance with processing a settlement or needs help with creatives for your online financing campaigns, someone is always available to assist.

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