Differentiate Your eCommerce Business With Waterfall Consumer Financing

Apr 29, 2022

The eCommerce landscape is incredibly competitive. A quick Google search will reveal the number of online businesses vying for consumer attention, across a range of different industries. Just about anyone can start an eCommerce business, meaning there is so much clutter for customers to sift through. This also begs the question of how reliable some of these platforms are. With so many questions stumping the modern consumer, it is no surprise that many eCommerce businesses fail. There is an increasing need to differentiate one’s businesses from the competitors to stand out, offer exceptional customer value, and generate great returns. In this article, we discuss how you can differentiate your eCommerce business with waterfall consumer financing.

An Easy to Implement Payment Solution

Waterfall consumer financing refers to a financial payment solution that allows customers to receive loans right there on an online businesses website. Customers do not need to chat with their financial service providers or other types of lenders to utilize the online financing solution. The solution is an integrated plugin that appears at the checkout stage, encouraging the consumers to utilize its benefits. 

Beyond being easy to use from a consumer perspective, waterfall consumer financing is an incredibly easy-to-integrate and affordable payment solution. When partnering with market-leading fintech companies like ChargeAfter, you can install buy now pay later checkout plugins extremely quickly. ChargeAfter can shorten the time to implementation and help you reach your sales goals quicker than ever. Furthermore, ChargeAfter can assist with the installation to save you time. The implementation creates efficiency at every level of business and is one of the easiest payment strategies to adopt in 2022. 

Offer Unrivaled Value

From zero-interest repayment options to personalized plans and instant activation without credit checks, waterfall consumer financing is one of the most enticing payment differentiators that you can leverage. It offers tremendous consumer-first benefits that will ultimately benefit your business. It encourages consumers to make purchases as it provides comprehensive customer benefits, driving your average order values upwards. It also facilitates the purchase of more expensive items. For example, customers are more likely to purchase a television or mattress using financing that includes no additional interest. 

The value-added benefits for both customers and businesses make waterfall consumer financing one of the most appealing modern checkout integrations for the biggest eCommerce brands on the market. Customers will buy from your store before buying from a competitor if you have consumer financing in place. It is a powerful market differentiator that some of the biggest eCommerce brands are leveraging today.

Big Data for Big Decisions

Businesses can partner with market-leading fintech company ChargeAfter to leverage the revenue potential of consumer financing as well as receive ongoing support and maintenance. ChargeAfter’s dedicated team provides comprehensive payment analytics for you to use to make marketing decisions from. The insights gathered in these reports are invaluable, adding to the appealing nature of adopting waterfall consumer financing payment solutions. Companies can build impressive marketing strategies off the back of their payment data and gain a deeper understanding of the consumers. This information can help develop stronger customer segmentation portfolios which, in turn, can help drive more traffic to the website and increase sales. The big data from these analytics can ultimately be used to differentiate your eCommerce business from the competitors.

Differentiate your eCommerce business with one of the most powerful, easy-to-integrate, and analytically strategic checkout integrations on the market. ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing solution can set you apart from your competitors and help you start turning a greater profit by increasing consumer interest and attracting more sales.

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