ChargeAfter is Creating the Waves in the Global BNPL Network

Apr 13, 2022

The completion of the $44M Series B funding round led by The Phoenix, with participation from banking leaders around the world, including Citi Ventures (Citigroup), Banco Bradesco, MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group), and existing investors, and following a recent strategic partnership with Visa, brings ChargeAfter’s total amount raised to a whopping $60 million. The massive venture capital funding initiative will pave new waves for the already in-demand fintech buy now pay later (BNPL) solutions ChargeAfter offers merchants and lenders across the globe.

How ChargeAfter Supports Consumers Worldwide

According to Juniper, massive consumer interest continues to funnel towards BNPL services as they offer one of the most effective and efficient consumer financing models in the eCommerce space. The report states that more than $995 billion will be spent via BNPL services by 2026. 

Shopping online is easier than ever thanks to BNPL waterfall consumer financing solutions like those ChargeAfter offers. This has drawn massive attention from modern global shoppers that align with innovative payment solutions providing more flexibility and affordability. ChargeAfter’s ability to provide shoppers with instant, approved, and hyper-personalized online financing options with 85% approval rates gives consumers more power to pursue their retain interests.

The ability to receive comprehensive, zero-interest loans at the push of a button makes BNPL solutions one of the most appealing aspects of the modern eCommerce environment. It gives a wider group of consumers, previously unable to receive consumer financing due to credit complications, access to seamless online shopping. It also taps into the needs of the burgeoning Millennial and Gen Z consumers that shy away from traditional financing and payment services.

What’s In It for Investors?

The extent of ChargeAfter’s recent initiative enables investors to harness the incredible buying power of the modern consumer. As these consumers turn to online platforms that facilitate consumer financing options at checkout, those in partnership can reap the rewards of providing superior online shopping.

Greater eCommerce growth through the facilitation of reliable online financing ensures investors can leverage the tremendous revenue potential that BNPL offers in the modern online shopping environment. ChargeAfter is bridging the gap between big business and previously disadvantaged global shoppers, facilitating mutual benefits for the investment portfolio and the consumers that shop with ChargeAfter-enabled online outlets.

The existing investment portfolio represents a collection of powerful banking leaders, reaffirming the success of early adaption to waterfall consumer financing initiatives. These global pioneers are paving the way with ChargeAfter to shake up the eCommerce game and benefit all involved.

The Evolution of eCommerce as We Know It

The massive revenue generated from this initiative will be poured back into the BNPL sector, enabling ChargeAfter to provide superior consumer financing capabilities for merchants, lenders, and consumers. ChargeAfter can facilitate a first-class level of buy now pay later financing for all parties involved, capitalizing on the revenue potential that the growing fintech solution provides in the near future.

The win-win reward for eCommerce companies, financial lenders, and modern shoppers opens a world of possibilities for online retail, enhancing consumers buying power while facilitating profitable growth among those that choose to partner with ChargeAfter to take advantage of the benefits of BNPL services

A New Era for ChargeAfter

ChargeAfter continues into the second quarter of 2022 having made massive strides and created new waves for the eCommerce industry. Choosing to partner with ChargeAfter, whether merchant or lender, is the first step to joining the collection of parties ushering in a new era for global eCommerce growth and consumer satisfaction. The time to take solidify buy now pay later services as the go-to payment solution for the modern shopper is now, and ChargeAfter is establishing the foundation.

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