Buy Now Pay Later from ChargeAfter Sparks Sales for Consumer Electronics Financing

Aug 5, 2021

The success of one’s online electronics store is all about sales, and owners need to consider elevating sales strategies through the integration of new technologies. There are various revenue-maximizing methods at each level of the consumer journey, although there’s no touchpoint as powerful as checkout. It is during this checkout process that online retail stores make or break sales, so it is critical that your eCommerce store implements the best tools to optimize a customer’s checkout experience. One such method proving invaluable among Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce platforms alike is consumer electronics financing through ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform

Here, we take a look at the functionality of ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform, how it separates itself from other consumer electronics financing solutions, and what its integration can do for your online electronics stores sales.

How Does the ChargeAfter Buy Now Pay Later Platform Work?

ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform is an easy to integrate checkout plugin that gives customers access to consumer electronics financing on the fly. The platform works by filtering consumers through a seamless application process connecting them with willing prime or subprime lenders. The process happens entirely on the front-end for the customer, meaning that they do not have to leave your online electronics store or seek the assistance of their financial service provider in order to secure consumer financing for the payment. Furthermore, the repayment plans offered by ChargeAfter’s extensive network of lenders are tailored to each customer and give them zero interest solutions that cannot be beaten elsewhere. 

What Separates ChargeAfter eCommerce Integration from the Competition?

Online electronics stores that integrate ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform receive consistent support and data-driven analytics from a team of consumer financing and sales experts, as well as benefit from providing their consumers with the most powerful consumer electronics financing platforms on the market. The dual benefits for retailers and consumers work hand in hand to set online stores with ChargeAfter apart from the rest. These benefits are largely linked to the spikes in sales experienced by said retailers, and we will take a closer look at what this integration can do for your sales.

What Can Consumer Electronics Financing Do for Online Sales?

Consumer electronics financing from ChargeAfter is a go-to sales promotion strategy that helps businesses on WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and other retail platforms leverage an array of benefits to drive up their key performance indicators and success metrics. The following benefits spark sales for consumer electronics companies partnering with ChargeAfter:

Increased Monthly Orders

The ability to provide every consumer that visits your online electronics store accessible and zero-interest financing solutions means that every potential customer is capable of making a purchase big or small. The increased likelihood that customers can shop with personalized financing solutions will raise your average monthly orders as well as your average monthly order values as more large ticket purchases are made. 

Faster Time to Conversion

The easy-to-integrate plugin provides consumers with an easy-to-use financing solution that minimizes the time it takes for them to purchase the electronic goods in their cart. The quicker time to purchase encourages more sales, and the benefit of having the entire process on the front-end of your site means that consumers are more engaged with your brand during the checkout process. 

Supporting Customer Retention Strategies

Customer retention is as important as acquiring new customers and a successful sales strategy relies on increasing the average customer lifetime spend on your site. There are a variety of ways to drive customer retention, and they primarily involve personalizing your customers’ experiences and supporting them at every level of their consumer journey. This means giving them the tools to make purchases securely and quickly while freeing up time to focus on support strategies and client services through the integration of ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform.

Consumer electronics financing through ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform is one of the most effective sales supporting strategies used by the leading electronics stores on WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and other online store platforms.

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