5 Reasons Your eCommerce Store is Losing Customers and How ChargeAfter Buy Now Pay Later Can Help

Sep 26, 2021

eCommerce store owners know how difficult it can be to retain customers. Customer lifetime value is a key metric to consider as one begins to explore new avenues for customer retention and it is important that eCommerce marketing teams implement cutting edge technologies to drive this value up. When it comes to the customer journey and maintaining consumer attention and investment, buy now pay later solutions from ChargeAfter are seeing continual interest as a modern method to prevent one’s store from losing customers. In this article, we discuss 5 key reasons customers choose to turn away from online stores and how integrating ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later solution can help mitigate this marketing concern.

1. They Cannot Afford Your Products Without Buy Now Pay Later Solutions

Customers that cannot afford your products cannot shop on your website. It is as simple as that. In order to attract long-term shoppers that are capable of purchasing your products, it may be necessary to integrate ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later consumer financing platform. The platform will give all of your consumers access to a network of reputable lenders capable of facilitating their purchases. Consumers that utilize the feature can afford your products no matter the price and can pay upfront and in full so that you see immediate returns on your investment.

2. They Cannot Trust Your Payment Steps

There are hundreds and thousands of online stores all vying for the attention of confident and skeptical modern shoppers. Trust plays a pivotal role in securing sustainable customer relationships as well as acquiring new customers as shoppers are concerned about where and how they invest their capital. Your store’s payment steps at checkout are a crucial touchpoint where you need to establish trust and ensure that shoppers are able to make purchases. With ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform, you showcase value to your shoppers through a partnership with one of the most sought-after consumer financing solutions on the market that possesses ample positive reviews and client testimonials. 

3. There is Minimal Customer Support

Customer support is essential for sustaining shoppers’ lifetime values as your online store needs to go above and beyond the competition. With ChargeAfter’s consumer financing platform, you can free up time and resources spent optimizing checkout to focus on customer support and maintain a fruitful relationship with your customer leads. 

4. You Don’t Add Additional Value

In order to stand out from the competition and become a successful online store, you need to add additional value over and above the products that you sell. One method is to provide your customers with consumer financing from ChargeAfter. This buy now pay later platform offers value at the checkout by providing customers with access to instant financing with zero interest repayment plans. This means that customers do not need to save to make a purchase and will not need to pay hefty repayments to third-party financial service providers. 

5. Their Use Experience is Cumbersome

It is important to create a seamless user experience that aligns with the modern shopping journeys expected by consumers. With buy now pay later from ChargeAfter, consumers have easy access to consumer financing without having to leave your website or seek assistance elsewhere. Keeping the user experience within the boundaries of your website gives you more control over the consumer journey and allows you to optimize your sales funnel. 

The best and most successful online stores need to consider buy now pay later solutions as they mitigate the risks of losing customers and answer several customer concerns. ChargeAfter offers one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market that will help you drive greater customer lifetime values and promote customer retention. 

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