5 eCommerce Integrations You Have to Have in 2022: Waterfall Consumer Financing, Voice-Based Search, and More

Feb 23, 2022

It’s 2022 and businesses continue to evolve strategies to take advantage of new technologies and integrations for increased success. Nowadays, many eCommerce platforms have most of their bases covered. They have a social media presence, a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website, and advertising campaigns to name a few. But, how does one stay ahead of the trend and beat the competition? By introducing novel integrations that the rest of the eCommerce world is still slowly phasing in. In this article, we share the 5 eCommerce integrations that you have to have to win over consumers and beat the competition.

1. Waterfall Consumer Financing

Waterfall consumer financing is one of the most powerful payment options on the market. It is essential that businesses diversify their payment options to cater to a wider audience, and waterfall consumer financing sits at the core of offering first-class payment options. How does it work? Waterfall consumer financing is a checkout feature that lets customers access financing at zero interest that can then be paid off in monthly installments. ChargeAfter is a leading waterfall consumer financing partner that can integrate the feature into your website so that you can start delivering your consumers these benefits. 

2. Voice-Based Search

Google and Amazon dominate eCommerce as shoppers turn to search engines or third-party product distributors to buy their favorite items. Subsequently, Google Home and Alexa have seen an increase in attention as these same consumers look to make their daily lives easier. As a result, voice-based search is becoming hugely popular and eCommerce platforms can target audiences using these technologies by integrating voice-based search tools. 

3. Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel selling refers to a marketing strategy whereby you attract consumer attention across a variety of touchpoints from websites to social media, physical pop-up stores, and packaging. Omnichannel selling integration allows businesses to push their brand into every aspect of the consumer buying journey. Doing so can build more loyal consumer bases, raising the volume of repeat orders and developing stronger connections with new customers. Omnichannel selling requires several integrations, from social media advertising tools to SEO support technologies. But, the investment is well worth it as omnichannel remains a firm favorite eCommerce trend for 2022.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes the lives of marketing teams much easier as remedial jobs can be done quicker, freeing up time and resources for departments to focus on more important matters. From content writing bots to website chat features and more, artificial intelligence is being integrated into every area of the sales funnel. There is also little risk that artificial intelligence will make your employees redundant as you can reassign responsibilities to other areas of business. Artificial intelligence’s role in eCommerce continues to grow, however, competitors may be yet to jump onto the powerful trend this year. 

5. Social Media Automation

Automation is at the heart of modern eCommerce success. Your social media can leverage the benefits of automation to also free up time to broaden your marketing activities to attract new customers. Tools like Hootsuite let teams pre-schedule posts, making the job far quicker. Also, various platforms have bot integrations to answer basic consumer questions before individuals need to call for further information. Social media automation tools are becoming extremely popular as eCommerce companies look to reduce employee overheads or allocate tasks to more pressing areas of the business. 

The modern eCommerce age requires businesses to integrate modern eCommerce solutions, and this article highlights some of the most powerful trends for 2022. From waterfall consumer financing to social media automation, you can improve your consumer journey and stand out from the competition leveraging the most impactful integrations on the market. 

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