4 Ways to Empower Your Customers with Point Of Sale Consumer Financing From ChargeAfter

Jul 23, 2021

Point of sale consumer financing is one of the most effective checkout strategies to implement into an online store as ChargeAfter offers one of the most affordable and powerful platforms on the market designed to benefit your business as well as empower your customers. The platform filters shoppers through a prime and subprime lending process whereby they are connected with reputable lenders and receive consumer financing with no interest attached. Integrating this multi-lender platform is a surefire marketing tactic that is bound to generate increased sales and customer loyalty, and in this article, we discuss the 4 key ways ChargeAfter’s point of sale consumer financing will empower your customers. 

1. Give Them Access to Tailored Payment Plans

In an age where everything can be purchased online and there are billions of online retailers vying for consumer attention, customers find themselves drawn to companies that offer unique strategies to ease their online shopping experiences. One such method that is proving extremely beneficial is point of sale consumer financing, more specifically multi-lender platforms like those offered by ChargeAfter. This particular platform empowers customers by giving them seamless access to personalized payment plans tailored to their unique requirements. Personalization in marketing is extremely attractive for customers as it showcases a company’s desire to facilitate their shopping needs. The multi-lender platform from ChargeAfter is one of the most powerful personalized consumer financing platforms that ensures your shoppers are capable and comfortable making regular orders from your online store. 

2. Allow Them to Shop Without Hassles

Another incredibly empowering benefit for shoppers buying from online retailers that integrated point of sale consumer financing platforms is that it is a hassle-free and seamless financing solution. Rather than having to leave your store and consult with third-party lenders or financial service providers, customers are able to apply for financing from the comfort of their homes and via the seamlessly integrated platform. Furthermore, no credit checks are required by customers to have access to the beneficial multi-lender platform offered by ChargeAfter. This solution gives consumers peace of mind and encourages them to make frequent purchases with your store as they are capable of doing so as well as are unable to find better financing deals elsewhere. 

3. Empower Them to Make Big Purchases

An added benefit for both businesses and customers who integrate with or use respectively is the ability to make big purchases of items that would otherwise become very costly through interest-based repayment plans. Products like furniture, mattresses, jewelry, and electronics are all costly items that shoppers are cautious buying as they either do not have the current capital to do so or are concerned over the amount that they will end up investing through interest rates. eCommerce stores that integrate ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform can mitigate these concerns and empower shoppers to make big purchases thanks to quick access to zero-interest payment plans with reputable lenders. 

4. Reward Them for Customer Loyalty

The cost of acquiring new customers is one part of the marketing strategy, and encouraging previous shoppers to buy again is another facet that needs to be considered by online business owners. This is especially important considering the return customers are more affordable to target through marketing strategies. Where you can improve the rate at which your store captivates return customers as well as reward those loyal to your business is through the integration of point of sale consumer financing. Customers who return to your store and see that they have access to zero-interest financing solutions will be inclined to buy again and feel satisfied that your business is doing its best to facilitate their financial constraints in the most budget-friendly way.

Integrating ChargeAfter’s point of sale consumer financing platform will empower your customers by giving them access to personalized payment plans, allowing them to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience, giving them opportunities to make larger orders, and rewarding them for their loyalty.

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