Why eCommerce Brands With Online Financing from ChargeAfter Beat the Competition

Oct 27, 2021

In the modern digital retail landscape, brands need to go above and beyond their competitors to stand out from the crowd and attract consumer attention. There are several ways eCommerce brands can do this including, developing new marketing strategies, redefining the sales funnel, optimizing the web experience, and deploying an omnichannel commerce approach. However, many brands fail to consider the importance of a customer’s checkout experience. This is a critical touchpoint on the consumer journey that goes underutilized by many online retailers. At this point, online financing can help you leverage customer buy-in and drive sales. 

In this article, we discuss online financing in more detail, highlight the best online financing service provider on the market, and showcase why eCommerce brands with online financing from ChargeAfter beat the competition. 

What is Online Financing?

Online financing, particularly point of sale financing, is a loan solution for customers who do not wish to seek the services of a traditional bank. Online financing is an option whereby consumers can apply for financial aid through websites with online financing availability. eCommerce platforms that integrate with one of the many point of sale financing partners can give their consumers access to the funds they require to purchase on the web-store. Online financing solution providers integrate easy-to-use plugins at a website’s checkout page to ensure that all customers have access to the service provider’s network of lenders

Why Choose ChargeAfter’s Online Financing?

Not all online financing service providers were established equally. Some are more reliable than others and offer their services at more reasonable prices. ChargeAfter is one of the leading point of sale financing partners for these reasons. Offering all partners and their customers access to an extensive and trustworthy network of vetted lenders, ChargeAfter delivers superior services in comparison with traditional banks, financial service providers, and other point of sale financing platforms. ChargeAfter’s reliable multi-lender platform is designed to suit your business’s budget and provides eCommerce store owners an incredible return on their investment. 

Why Brands With Online Financing Beat the Competition

The benefits of online financing speak for themselves. eCommerce platforms that integrate the financial solution attract consumers on several levels, whether it is appealing to new consumers who have not been given the same financing support elsewhere, enticing to curios shoppers who are not comfortable with credit checks, attractive to considered shoppers who are browsing for expensive items, or pleasing to return customers that fancy the idea of not having to pay interest on their repayments. Either way, eCommerce platforms that offer these online financing benefits attract more attention from consumers. These websites acquire new customers and retain existing customers as they facilitate a seamless and user-friendly checkout experience with added financial benefits. 

It is important to note that eCommerce store’s that partner with ChargeAfter’s online financing solution receive added value over and above the many benefits of consumer financing solutions. ChargeAfter installs and maintains the operation of the checkout online financing plugin, providers comprehensive feedback and analytics, and offers 24/7 partner support. ChargeAfter is dedicated to empowering eCommerce businesses and their customers with a full-service consumer financing solution that drives sales and promotes sustainable and profitable business growth.

In Summary

Online financing solutions enable shoppers to receive financial aid at checkout without having to seek the services of their financial service provider. This, coupled with the zero-interest repayment plans and no credit checks required, gives customers confidence in shopping with eCommerce brands that offer online financing. Partnering with ChargeAfter can give your business access to these benefits and more as ChargeAfter offers additional support and analytical insights to improve the consumer journey at checkout and generate more sales.

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