What Separates WooCommerce Stores With ChargAfter’s Instant Financing Solution From Those Without the Integration

Aug 15, 2021

Online shopping is booming and there are millions of retailers vying for the attention of confident shoppers around the world. As the WooCommerce retail space is more competitive than ever, it is imperative the businesses consider new ways to acquire and retain customers. Through implementing and integrating value-added platforms such as ChargeAfter’s instant financing solution, online retailers could get a leg up on the competition. The benefits of separating one’s retail space from another are linked to attracting new customers and keeping existing customers, leading to improvements in sales generation and business revenue in the process. 

In this article, we explore ChargeAfter’s instant financing solution and showcase how WooCommerce stores that integrate the efficient plugin separate themselves from those that do not.

What is ChargeAfter’s Instant Financing Solution?

ChargeAfter is the market leader of multi-lender platforms that provides WooCommerce retailers with a comprehensive and affordable instant financing solution. The platform is a plugin that allows customers to effortlessly access consumer financing during the checkout stage of their consumer journey. These financing solutions connect consumers with a network of lenders capable of facilitating their unique needs. This integration ensures that businesses are able to capitalize on browsing customers and promote sales through the value-add of instant consumer financing access. 

How Do WooCommerce Stores Benefit From It?

WooCommerce stores that integrate ChargeAfter’s efficient and effective multi-lender platform benefit in several significant ways. The following key factors regarding the platform encourage the best WooCommerce stores to leverage its powerful implementation:

It Supports the Customer Journey

Customers shop with WooCommerce stores that provide the best customer journey, from casual browsing to adding to cart to financing an order. As the checkout process is one of the most essential parts of the customer journey, WooCommerce stores that support this step through the integration of ChargeAfter’s instant financing solution benefit from a stronger and more accessible sales funnel. Furthermore, customers are more willing to shop with these stores again as they facilitate every consumer concern at every step of their user experience. 

It Generates Greater Sales

WooCommerce stores that deploy ChargeAfter’s instant financing solution benefit from greater sales, with regards to both average monthly order volumes and average order values. The consumer financing solution speeds up the time it takes for consumers to check out, increasing the rate at which an online store experiences sales, as well as promotes larger orders, increasing the value to which your sales translate come to the end of a business month.

How Do Retailers Without Instant Financing Compare?

WooCommerce platforms that integrate ChargeAfter’s instant financing solution are a cut above the competition as they leverage the key checkout process most effectively. While other online stores may provide efficient consumer journeys, they miss out on a prime opportunity to secure sales and promote profitable growth. The following factors inhibit the success of WooCommerce retailers without ChargeAfter’s integration:

  • The checkout process can be cumbersome as consumers requiring financing need to consult third-party sites or their financial service providers for loans
  • Loan repayment plans from third-party sites and financial service providers are not as affordable as the zero-interest solutions from ChargeAfter’s multi-lender network
  • It takes longer for consumers requiring financing to shop with these retailers as the checkout process is less efficient without instant financing
  • Businesses spend time focusing on optimizing the checkout process while they could spend it elsewhere in the marketing funnel if they had it secured with ChargeAfter

The Bottom Line

WooCommerce retail stores can couple ChargeAfter’s powerful instant financing solution with a myriad of reliable marketing strategies to promote sales and drive revenue growth for long-term business sustainability. These are the go-to modern trends that separate the best WooCommerce retailers from less successful online stores. 

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