What Matters to Consumers in 2022 and How Online Financing Can Help

Feb 25, 2022

Consumers make and break businesses, and the modern shopper is smarter than you think. They demand more efficient online experiences, greater customer support, and so much more. The modern shopper is also aware that their voice matters. For example, positive online reviews are crucial to eCommerce success. Now more than ever, is the time to start improving your eCommerce platform to attract consumers in 2022. In this article, we focus on what matters to consumers and how online financing can help your business grow this year. 

Better Payment Options

Modern shoppers pay in all sorts of ways. There are so many payment options out there, and having more available to your consumers can help you attract a wide variety of attention. Over and above having a set of standard payment options, you can further support the buying process by integrating online financing. ChargeAfter’s online financing solution is one of the most powerful on the market, giving your customers access to on-demand financing at checkout with zero interest repayment plans. This solution is far superior to traditional financing options available to consumers and is far more impactful for businesses that can outsource third-party financing for greater sales. 

Faster Shipping Services

Consumers demand their products more quickly than ever before. Same-day shipping, express orders, and quick turnaround time sit at the heart of eCommerce success in 2022. It is pivotal that you address your current shipping policies and integrate new methods for quicker shipping facilities. Free shipping is also an added value offering that you should consider integrating as consumers are drawn to businesses that provide as many quality services as possible. If your business is not offering free shipping on orders over a certain value, for example, then your customers will be shopping from someone that does. 

Access to International Items

Beyond faster shipping services, you should consider your international shipping facilities. If you do not service other countries with international shipping then it’s high time you figure out the logistics of doing so. You can access a wealth of new consumers by catering to international shipping, especially if delivery times are efficient. You may have a huge following in a foreign country, so check your analytics and start facilitating an international shipping option. Or, you can distribute your items internationally through third-party selling platforms like Amazon


Going green is no longer a trend. Eco-conscious business is a must, and you should be marketing your environmentally-friendly activities where and when possible. From biodegradable packaging solutions to eco-friendly websites, every step that you take to make your business more sustainable will reflect positively on your sales. Furthermore, reducing your carbon footprint can cut down overheads. For example, if you can source materials from local suppliers, you will reduce the shipping costs of getting those materials from international companies into your warehouse. 

Unique Experiences

You need to do more than simply sell products. Today, consumers want unique experiences with eCommerce stores that go above and beyond the expected. Consumers want to feel as though they are a part of something bigger and better. You can provide unique experiences by personalizing your marketing efforts. Simply automating emails to respond to your customers by name is a quick tactic to improve your marketing personalization. You could also create unique landing pages for your various target segments, providing the right information to the right audience. Every act that you take to make your shopping experience more unique will improve the likelihood of converting consumers. 

Focus on what matters most to consumers in 2022 and you will see a rise in your revenue. From introducing online financing to making shopping experiences unique, these are a few suggestions on how to level up your business this year. 

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