Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping and How Consumer Financing Helps Improve Sales

Dec 24, 2021

Google remains a stalwart platform for product searches as more and more shoppers at various stages of the sales funnel turn to the search platform for product information, prices, and deals. For this reason, utilizing Google Shopping alongside your eCommerce platform is a surefire way to reach shoppers that are unaware of your brand, searching Google to compare offerings, and those that are seeking solutions to solve their problems. To get in front of consumers and build more brand authority, especially on the search engine, eCommerce platforms must understand and integrate with Google Shopping alongside consumer financing options that will help improve sales. In this article, we discuss Google Shopping and how consumer financing can support your online business growth. 

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping refers to the product search engine wing of the international search engine platform. The platform allows consumers to browse, compare prices, and even shop a range of products drawn from the catalogs of billions of online stores across the web. This gives business owners a new revenue stream, enabling SEO functionality to position products in front of the competition. Furthermore, Google Shopping enables paid advertising to ensure that online stores can compete for consumer attention when inputting specific search terms into the search engine. Another benefit of Google Shopping is that eCommerce platforms can redirect traffic to their website from Google, creating a seamlessly integrated online shopping experience from search to collection exploration and purchasing. 

Why Should You Sell on Google?

There is a strong case to be made in favor of selling on Google alongside your eCommerce platform via service providers like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento. For one thing, the search engine prioritizes Google Shopping listings in search through SEO and advertising enabling businesses to shut out competition and put their products front and center of their target markets. The feature also allows shoppers to purchase from businesses websites or Google itself with the Buy on Google function, creating seamless and efficient user experiences that are critical to eCommerce success. 

How to Utilize Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center (GMC) enables businesses to list their product inventories on Google Shopping features. The following guide shares how to get your products on Google Shopping so that you can improve your eCommerce success:

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Verify your business with Google My Business
  3. Create a Google Merchant Center account
  4. Verify your website
  5. Provide your business information
  6. Include product information
  7. Complete the Buy on Google setup
  8. Connect with Google Ads
  9. Run a campaign

Ensure that every aspect of your Google Shopping functionalities is SEO-friendly as this will help Google recognize your eCommerce platform as a leading company within your industry. 

How Consumer Financing Helps Improve Sales

With your Google Shopping setup, you can benefit from an increase in traffic to your website. To ensure that new shoppers convert, integrate consumer financing solutions to encourage sales. ChargeAfter is a leading provider of consumer financing solutions that facilitates seamless checkout for consumers using your website. This is done by connecting your shoppers with ChargeAfter’s extensive network of reputable lenders capable of fulfilling their financial requirements. Your shoppers receive instant access to zero-interest financing options at the push of a button if your website integrates ChargeAfter’s consumer financing. The consumer benefits speak for themselves, with no credit checks and personalized repayment plans extremely appealing to the modern shopper. This integration will ensure that your shoppers turn from casual browsers to enthusiastic buyers in no time. 

Using Google Shopping and consumer financing, eCommerce stores can set their brands apart from the competition and leverage greater sales this festive season. 

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