Top 4 Consumer Trends of 2022: How to Attract New Customers With Waterfall Consumer Financing

Mar 2, 2022

eCommerce brands must know their consumers backward and forwards as this helps stores deliver the right messages to the right consumers at the right time. Furthermore, companies must be aware of changing consumer trends. With an in-depth understanding of modern consumers beyond designated segments, eCommerce brands can integrate strategies that entice shoppers in 2022. In this article, we explore the top 4 consumer trends of 2022. You can use this information to guide the rollout of new marketing tactics.

1. Finance Fanatics – Integrate Waterfall Consumer Financing

The modern consumer is becoming increasingly interested in finance, something that was previously consigned to finance administrators like accountants and investment brokers. In the age of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium and the accessibility of investment portfolios, consumers are beginning to take a much more active approach to their finances. In response, eCommerce brands should provide their shoppers with the best financing options at checkout. Waterfall consumer financing is an example of a powerful checkout financing integration that gives consumers access to repayment options unavailable through traditional financing partners such as their financial service providers. ChargeAfter is a leading waterfall consumer financing partner that can deploy a seamless checkout plugin to provide your shoppers with access to trustworthy lenders. This benefits finance fanatics that wish to secure the best money management options when browsing eCommerce platforms, resulting in a likely increase in sales for your business. 

2. Sustainability Supporters – Promote Greener Business

Climate change continues to plague the planet, and shoppers demand businesses go greener in response. From a trend to an ultimatum, selecting sustainable strategies to combat climate change can greatly influence the buying decision. eCommerce brands must integrate environmentally-friendly tactics, whether it be biodegradable packaging or cleaner manufacturing processes, and then market these green features. Bear in mind that to avoid green-washing, businesses can subtly showcase their commitment to sustainability by actioning greener operations without the need for financial compensation. Take corporate social responsibility initiatives, for example. These types of initiatives aim to provide community-centric benefits over and above business operations, yielding little in the way of revenue generation but greatly increasing brand repertoire among sustainability supporters. 

3. First-Time Testers – Offer Trials and Testing Opportunities

Customers that fall within this trend are particularly interested in businesses that can showcase value before asking for a commitment to purchase. Rentals allow these consumers to test-drive products and or services, for example. Free trials are popular strategies to attract these consumers for businesses that sell software and return policies are popular among electronics stores. In a nutshell, providing first-time testers with ways of minimizing buying risk will greatly appeal to an audience that takes advantage of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. 

4. Purpose-Driven Personas – Add Narrative Value

The purpose-driven persona is guided through the buying process by powerful branded stories and content that offers narrative value. These shoppers are less interested in the products or services themselves and more enticed by how a brand can spotlight its purpose. For example, a brand that sells fast-moving consumer goods should integrate marketing activities that speak to the company’s commitment to their cause or displays their vision. From blogs to videos and podcasts to guest appearances on web shows, brand representatives can offer these consumers insight into the brand’s purpose and sell the personality of the brand before the products themselves. 

eCommerce brands can attract consumers within these 2022 consumer trends by integrating waterfall consumer financing, developing more environmentally-sustainable strategies, offering better testing opportunities with products and services, as well as clearly defining and displaying their purpose beyond making a profit. Doing so will broaden your consumer base and increase your sales as you attract new shoppers. 

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