The Different Types Of Shoppers And How To Encourage Them To Purchase From Your Store

Mar 10, 2021

Everyone is different and when it comes to shopping experiences, everyone is looking for a personalized shopping experience that caters to their wants and needs. In order to fuel business growth, it is important to know who these customers are and how to engage with them in a way that encourages them to support your brand. With the massive shift in consumer behavior, it may seem like it is more difficult than it’s worth, but once you have connected with these categories of shoppers, they will turn into loyal repeat customers. 

The Active Shoppers

These are the shoppers that have a steady enough income to buy the things they want. They have a live-in-the-moment attitude and don’t mind spending their earnings on products they have their heart set on. While these shoppers understand the current financial climate, they are still more focused on keeping up with trends, spending most of their time browsing social media for product inspiration. This group spends a lot of their online time using their mobile devices and is more likely to shop on purchase through mobile apps.

How To Attract This Type Of Shopper:

  • Since this group spends a lot of time browsing social media, your content should be engaging, interesting, and valuable meaning that your posts should offer your followers value. 
  • Invest in optimizing your website and mobile apps. These types of shoppers are all about the online user experience and giving them one that meets their expectations will go a long way in gaining you a loyal customer. Work on load speeds, use attractive graphics, and ensure all your payment gateways and point of sale financing or Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options are easy to use and safe. 

The Trendsetters

These customers don’t earn as much as the active shopper, which means they are always on the lookout for the best discounts and deals. Trendsetters are always up to date with the latest pop culture and fashion trends and find most of their product advice and inspiration from social media. 

How To Attract This Type Of Shopper:

  • Forget about generic deals and discounts. These shoppers are looking for personalized deals that cater to their wants and needs. Follow your analytics closely to see what kinds of items these shoppers are into and create a deal they can’t resist without affecting your bottom line. This could include buy-one-get-one-free deals for beauty products for specific brand names. 
  • Offer Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) instant financing options. This will enable this group of shoppers to get the goods they want without having to pay the total amount upfront. Point Of Sale from ChargeAfter also allows your shoppers to get the best financing deals based on their unique financial situations thanks to our waterfall financing solutions

The Sustainable Shopper

These shoppers are more focused on values instead of the latest fashion or product trends. They resonate with brands with social responsibilities and an eco-conscious outlook when it comes to materials, packaging, and formulas. These shoppers prefer longevity over most things trending on social media. 

How To Attract This Type Of Shopper:

  • Use your website to educate and give back. This can be done by setting up initiatives that give back to a cause when shoppers purchase your goods. 
  • Invest in sustainable materials and packaging. Ensure your product and packaging can be recycled. 
  • Be clear about your values and what your company stands for. Create content that is engaging and also aids in educating for a better cause. 

The Family-Centric Shopper

This shopper puts family first when it comes to budget and time. Their attention is solely on their family and household. While they are up to date with current affairs, they do not spend as much time online. This type of shopper may also abandon carts more frequently either because their online time has been interrupted or that the basket may have totaled more than what they budgeted for. 

How To Attract This Type Of Shopper:

  • Time is valuable to this shopper and is not always a luxury they have. Ensure that you offer a quick and enjoyable omnichannel experience in order for these shoppers to get the goods they want in what little time they have. 
  • This shopper is more open to exploring new ideas that are easy to recreate, which is an opportunity you need to jump on. Create inspirational mailers with personalized discounts that help this shopper find the best fit for their needs. This content can include anything from outfit inspirations to family health and wellness pantry ideas. 
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