The Best Features of Waterfall Consumer Financing from ChargeAfter for Your eCommerce Platform

Sep 26, 2021

eCommerce platforms are in rife competition to acquire new customers and retain existing shoppers and it becomes increasingly difficult as online stores integrate modern, powerful tools and plugins to differentiate themselves. It is, therefore, essential that one’s eCommerce platform utilizes the latest customer-supportive resources available to drive sales and promote business growth. When it comes to securing greater conversion rates, waterfall consumer financing is a sought-after strategy to win over shoppers and get ahead of the competition. In this article, we discuss more about waterfall consumer financing and the best features of ChargeAfter’s powerful financing platform.

What is Waterfall Consumer Financing?

Waterfall consumer financing refers to a customer financing solution whereby shoppers receive loans from lenders capable of fulfilling their unique shopping requirements. Customers that utilize ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing are filtered through a network of reliable prime and subprime lenders until they are matched with a lender in a position to meet their demands. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the best features of waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter.

Consumers Have Access to Financing Globally

ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing solutions are applicable to online stores around the world and offer your customers access to the powerful benefits of consumer financing no matter where they are located. They are able to receive loans from lenders regardless of their local currency and these financing options are available at the same rates regardless of the country of purchase. Global financing gives your business access to a broader consumer base and helps you leverage new customers in new markets across the world. This should improve several key metrics that you analyze the success of your digital marketing initiatives against. 

All Credits Types Apply

ChargeAfter allows all consumers to access financing when browsing your online store. The waterfall consumer financing platform covers customers across the credit spectrum and options are available without credit checks. In this way, ChargeAfter gives you access to a consumer base that may have been previously unable to shop from your store. Whatsmore, ChargeAfter’s consumer financing solutions are personalized to each shopper and give them greater freedom regarding how they wish to finance their purchase based on available lenders. 

Instantaneous Access Drives Faster Returns

One of the strongest features of waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter is the instantaneous nature of transactions completed at checkout on your online store. With the platform integrated with your eCommerce site, consumers will no longer have to seek financing from third-party institutions or their financial service providers. They can request financing directly from your website without having to leave. This keeps them engaged with your site as well as minimizes the ‘red-tape’ most customers have to walk through when requesting financing from financial service providers. The entire process, as a result, occurs almost instantly and, by speeding up the time that it takes a customer to receive financing, you promote a faster time to sell. Subsequently, your online store will see greater average sale volumes come month-end. 

Supports All Platforms

ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing solution supports all eCommerce platforms. Whether your online store operates on WooCommerce, Magento, Hybris, Shopify, or any other eCommerce hosting platform, you and your customers can have access to the many benefits of consumer financing from ChargeAfter. 

Waterfall consumer financing from ChargeAfter offers online store owners several important features that separate it from other financing options on the market. From global support to zero credit checks for customers, instantaneous access to financing, and cross-platform coverage, this financing solution is designed to drive sales and improve eCommerce conversion rates.

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