SEO Tips for eCommerce Stores and How Online Financing Optimizes Checkout

Jan 7, 2022

If your eCommerce store does not have an SEO strategy in place then you are missing opportunities to attract new customers daily. Moving into 2022, you must work with your marketing team to adopt an effective SEO strategy as it is critical to your organic click-through rates and online visibility. In this article, we offer several SEO tips for eCommerce success and suggest how online financing can support your strategy. 

Utilize Competitive Keywords

Keywords are a cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy. You must be using keywords on every web page so that Google can track and report on your SEO, potentially putting you higher up the search results so that you can attract new customers. Each piece of content that you write should be created around keywords that consumers search Google to find answers to. For example, if you sell electronics then you should consider keywords that consumers often type into the Google search engine when looking for electronics. Some keywords could be “electronic products for sale”, “the best phones to buy”, “70-inch TVs for sale”. These long-tail keywords can help your web pages and products appear when consumers search these terms. If you want to know how to do keyword research, then check out this helpful resource. Once you have your keywords ready to deploy, then install the Yoast SEO plugin on your website and follow their instructions on how to optimize every page of your website for SEO. 

Use Google’s Shopping Features

SEO goes beyond keywords, and you can improve the SEO of your eCommerce platform by using the range of Google Shopping features available to you. Specifically, the Google Merchant Center allows you to pull your product catalog into Google Shopping so that searchers will see your products as they browse for similar products or specific items in your catalog. The Google Shopping feature doubles down on your SEO efforts, prioritizing your products over other eCommerce platforms that are not using Google Merchant Center. 

How to Optimize Checkout With SEO and Online Financing

ChargeAfter offers a powerful online financing tool that gives your consumers access to instant financing options at the push of a button during checkout. Your consumers can access ChargeAfter’s extensive network of lenders without having to apply for a credit check and receive repayment plans with zero interest. Therefore, they can shop easily and quickly on your eCommerce platform without having to procure the support of their financial service provider. This streamlines the user experience, playing in favor of Google’s SEO algorithms. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to further optimize your checkout process with online financing by deploying keywords on a brand new landing page. This landing page can serve as a runway to your store and facilitate an efficient sales funnel to checkout. Using keywords that center around getting the best value when shopping, securing financing easily, and eliminating the need to use third-party financial service providers, you can attract customers with a specific interest in the benefits of online financing. This will improve your online visibility for those benefits and attract customers to this new landing page. 

SEO is essential to a successful eCommerce business, and you should be thinking about how to leverage an effective SEO strategy so that you can attract new shoppers during the festive season and into the new year. By utilizing competitive keywords, using Google’s powerful shopping features, and optimizing your checkout and other landing pages with online financing and related keywords, you can build an SEO strategy that works for your business and grows your sales. 

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