Visa Embraces ChargeAfter’s BNPL Fintech Solution to Fuel eCommerce Growth

Jun 21, 2022

Buy now pay later (BNPL) solutions are becoming a mainstay feature for successful eCommerce, so much so that Visa has recognized the significance of the solution. ChargeAfter is a leading BNPL fintech company that, among others, has caught the attention of the American multinational financial services corporation for its convenient, consumer-centric service that enables efficient and effective online shopping. Visa and companies like ChargeAfter continue to offer seamless shopping experiences for consumers around the world thanks to the integration of novel online financing technologies with eCommerce businesses across the globe.  

What Working With Visa Means for BNPL

The adoption of Visa into the BNPL framework enables Visa cardholders to utilize the features of the online financing solution. Consumers can input their card details through integration at checkout to receive consumer financing from networks of reliable lenders. ChargeAfter’s partnership with Visa ensures that businesses can access a wider audience, facilitating profitable growth through broader market share. Working with Visa means that BNPL financing companies like ChargeAfter can fulfill eCommerce customers browsing the various competitive online stores for their favorite products. Visa’s plans to leverage the existing BNPL platform with in-store shopping should ensure that online businesses are more capable of facilitating traditional brick-and-mortar operations as physical retail rises. This could ensure further market penetration for brands as profitable in-store solutions can provide a reason to open up a physical store. The future of BNPL with Visa looks promising for eCommerce stores big and small that wish to expand their operations.

What Sets BNPL Apart From Other Financing

BNPL is one of the most on-demand financing solutions on the market as it provides consumers with the most online shopping benefits. In a nutshell, BNPL solutions like those offered by leading company ChargeAfter provide consumer financing options that are split into monthly installments at no additional costs and without credit checks. This means that consumer shopping decisions are not stifled by hefty interest on monthly installments and more consumers can purchase products from online stores. For the business, eCommerce stores see an increase in sales as these benefits are tremendously appealing to the modern, skeptical, and tech-savvy online consumer. 

How Easy is it to Integrate BNPL?

With the help of Visa and companies like ChargeAfter, all eCommerce stores can quickly integrate BNPL solutions that will attract consumers and encourage business growth. The integration process is seamless, requiring owners or marketing teams to contact ChargeAfter for pricing and plans. Once an agreement is arranged and payment made, the BNPL checkout plug-in is installed on one’s behalf and available to consumers in no time. The integration is then managed and monitored by ChargeAfter to ensure that your consumers enjoy a seamless online shopping experience when utilizing the consumer financing feature. Other benefits of partnering with ChargeAfter’s trusted Visa BNPL solution include reporting and analytics from the ChargeAfter team. This data reveals ways to improve an online store’s functionality to improve the consumer experience, further promoting sales and better eCommerce. BNPL solutions from ChargeAfter can be integrated on all major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, and Hybris. Therefore, all online stores can utilize the integration and reap the rewards of consumer financing functionality at checkout.

The partnership between Visa and ChargeAfter provides eCommerce owners with a reliable and profitable fintech solution that enables greater eCommerce growth. The consumer financing model provides shoppers with affordable, efficient, and effective financing options at the push of a button and without having to pay costly interest or process credit checks. The benefits to both consumer and business ensure that companies partnering with ChargeAfter see a profitable return on their investment and greater sales on their online retail platforms

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