Fortiva Retail Credit Expands partnership with ChargeAfter BNPL Consumer Financing Network

Jun 23, 2022

The market-leading Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) consumer finance network ChargeAfter and Fortiva® Retail Credit, the leading technology-enabled consumer financing program, announced the expansion of their current relationship, which began in 2018. To give more customers the chance to be authorized for financing, the Fortiva Retail Credit can now be used across ChargeAfter’s complete network of merchants, channel platforms, and financial institutions.

How Does Fortiva Retail Credit Works?


Thanks to the Fortiva® Retail Credit program, the Bank of Missouri can offer a seamless transition from prime financing to a second-look program with affordable payment alternatives, which makes use of the flexible technology capabilities of Atlanticus Services Corporation. Both online and in-store, Fortiva Retail Credit can offer its customers the greatest retail finance options.

Fortiva Retail Credit is a great opportunity for consumers with low credit scores, if the clients are declined to get prime consumer financing option, they are automatically transferred to the Fortiva program where they have a higher chance to get the funds they need with a better payment plan.

Atlanticus’ technology platform allows more inclusive financing alternatives that help merchants to say “yes” more frequently to customers with not good enough credit by drawing on insights garnered from over 25 years of data collection and consumer behavior.

The United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are among the territories where the Fortiva® Retail Credit program is accessible. Subsidiaries of Atlanticus Holdings Corporation are in charge of running the Fortiva® Retail Credit program.

What is ChargeAfter


ChargeAfter is a leading platform and network for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) consumer financing that links merchants and lenders to provide customers with responsible, individualized financing choices. Up to 85% of applications are approved after ChargeAfter presents the most pertinent loan alternatives from various lenders to customers based on their credit types. ChargeAfter unifies the credit distribution process onto a single platform, which shops can quickly adopt both online and offline. ChargeAfter’s huge lender network guarantees any business to increase their sales and grow its customer base.


Expanding the Partnership


The market-leading BNPL network ChargeAfter links merchants and lenders to provide customers with individualized point-of-sale financing alternatives during checkout from a variety of lenders. By working together, Fortiva® Retail Credit and ChargeAfter will enable a simple, digital application process for financing and transaction funding, empowering both consumers and retailers.

Despite ChargeAfter’s constant efforts to provide shops with the finest options for their consumers, some buyers were still unable to use financing systems to obtain the funds they require. With the increased relationship with Fortiva, ChangeAfter may now provide its services to customers with a low credit score, since buyers who apply for consumer financing occasionally have a terrible credit history and are turned down for the funds they need. Fortiva Retail Credit and ChargeAfter will benefit customers and merchants through this relationship, enabling the quick and easy application for financing and transaction finance online. Any business using ChargeAfter as its financing platform will see their customer base grow as a result of this.

On the other side, Fortiva Retail Credit anticipates expanding its audience as well, given that ChargeAfter has opened up new opportunities for them. Customers all around the nation will be able to use Fortiva credit as a consumer financing option to buy the things they need and use BNPL to gradually pay back the purchase money.

“As the first credit program to integrate with ChargeAfter, we are excited to extend and expand our relationship,” said Dave Caruso, Chief Commercial Officer of Atlanticus Services Corporation.

Mark Denman, EVP of Merchant Sales & Success at ChargeAfter said: “As ChargeAfter continues to disrupt the BNPL space, Fortiva® Retail Credit’s premier services and offerings will continue to help set us apart from the competition. We look forward to our continued rapid expansion with the Fortiva program and appreciate the longstanding partnership we have with them.”

Due to the fact that ChargeAfter and Fortiva Retail Credit are extending their relationship, businesses will now be able to offer their clients more comfortable retail finance options. On the other side, clients will have more opportunities to finance their demands through BNPL and consumer financing.


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