Is Waterfall Consumer Financing Essential for Omnichannel Marketing in 2022?

Jan 6, 2022

Omnichannel marketing, or multi-channel marketing, is a strategy whereby brands clearly identify and deliver a holistic user experience via a myriad of marketing avenues. The strategy if deployed by the best eCommerce brands, and online store owners should consider the potential for eCommerce growth with omnichannel marketing in 2022. Adopting a clever omnichannel marketing strategy can set businesses apart from their competition, helping leverage greater sales and return on investment (ROI).In this article, we explore how you can utilize omnichannel marketing and discuss whether or not waterfall consumer financing is an essential addition to your strategy for the new year.

The Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing provides brands with more opportunities to immerse consumers in their brand lifestyle. It is a powerful strategy that businesses can harness in 2022 to deliver better advertising campaigns. The following expresses the key benefits of omnichannel marketing:

Improves the Consumer Journey

Businesses that deploy omnichannel marketing improve the user journey for their consumers, making their shopping experience far easier and increasing the likelihood of landing the sale. Using a diverse sales funnel of branded content at every touchpoint, businesses can position their brands as leaders within their industry and keep their services or products front of mind for their customers and potential consumers. 

Provides Stronger Analytics

Omnichannel marketing strategies give eCommerce businesses access to stronger analytical data on their consumers. Brands can track every touchpoint and metrics associated with the wide range of consumer-centric decisions. Using an omnichannel marketing strategy, brands can determine where their consumers are coming from, why they action specific areas of the sales funnel, and what they do after purchasing. Having access to these insights, marketing teams can make informed decisions that lead to longer customer lifetime values

Improve Customer Service

A positive customer service experience is critical to eCommerce success, and brands can improve their customer service with the implementation of omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel marketing calls for the automation of many areas of redundant customer service. For example, a chatbot can facilitate efficient communications with customers that have general queries and questions. A customer service representative is, instead, needed when problems require greater attention. This can save businesses money as they downscale their customer service budget while optimizing the user’s experience with customer service through the quick and reliable answering of common questions that users may have as they navigate the omnichannel brand experience. 

Support Omnichannel Marketing with Waterfall Consumer Financing for Greater Sales

As a massive part of omnichannel marketing involves supporting and improving consumers’ experiences with your store, you should consider additional tools to facilitate a better omnichannel marketing strategy. One such method is integrating waterfall consumer financing.

Waterfall consumer financing is a solution shared by leading fintech buy now pay later (BNPL) platforms like ChargeAfter. The service includes a financing option at the checkout that consumers can utilize to purchase goods. It differs from traditional financing models as it allows businesses to leverage ChargeAfter’s already existing network of lenders. Your consumers do not need to consult third-party financial service providers to procure financing to make their orders. Nor do they need to undergo credit checks and they receive comprehensive financial coverage with zero interest.

This is a very appealing strategy that supports the omnichannel marketing consumer journey as it is easy-to-use and accessible via a button at checkout. The streamlined process ensures that consumers convert as quickly as possible, generating greater revenue each month. 

Moving into 2022, it is essential that you integrate waterfall consumer financing at checkout to improve your omnichannel marketing strategy and experience greater sales after the festive season.

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