Integrating ChargeAfter’s Multi-Lender Platform With Your WooCommerce Platform

Jul 3, 2021

WooCommerce retailers can implement several plugins to drive sales and boost average order values, but few methods prove as significant as integrating a multi-lender platform. As online shoppers become more confident and ready to purchase through WooCommerce, qualities reflected in the latest statistics on the rise of eCommerce, your business’s online store should consider multi-lender platforms as a potentially beneficial integration to meet the expectations of these consumers. In this article, we will highlight how the ChargeAfter multi-lender platform can benefit your business through buy now pay later WooCommerce solutions and showcase the easy integration of this platform.

What is ChargeAfter’s Multi-Lender Platform?

ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform for merchants is a powerful tool harnessed by the best WooCommerce websites for its ability to support consumers during the checkout stage of their customer journey. The platform filters buyers through a back-end lender platform that connects them with a lender capable of fulfilling their specific consumer financing needs. The platform saves consumers time and money by facilitating efficient delivery of reliable lenders in seconds and ensuring that consumers do not have to undergo the process of credit checks with third-party lenders before making a purchase. This can have a significant number of benefits for both the consumer and the WooCommerce retailer.

The Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later With WooCommerce

By helping your consumers shop online, you help your business grow. The two principles work hand-in-hand, and ChargeAfter’s powerful multi-lender platform has become the go-to consumer financing method for the best online retailers across multiple eCommerce platforms. This is because of the many benefits integration with ChargeAfter can have for your business, and we have outlined a few of them below:

Consumers Shop More Frequently

One of the biggest benefits of buy now pay later solutions with WooCommerce integration is the ability to boost your consumers’ average order values as well as encourage them to shop more frequently. Consumers that have quick and easy access to consumer financing are more likely to checkout rather than abandon their carts. This increase in the flow of buying consumers will improve your margins and help you capitalize on more skeptical online shoppers.

Shoppers Buy Bigger Items

Beyond increasing the stream of shoppers buying from your WooCommerce store, integrating with ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform will allow more of your consumers access to point of sale financing capable of facilitating the purchase of large ticket orders. Consumers purchasing furniture, for example, stand a better chance of receiving funds from ChargeAfter’s platform than any other lender platform. This will increase the value of the average orders that your consumers place. 

How Easy is Integration with WooCommerce?

The great thing about ChargeAfter’s professional multi-lender platform is that it is easily integrated with WooCommerce. ChargeAfter has developed a seamless plugin that integrates with your online store and is available to consumers who reach the checkout stage of the customer journey. The integration is even more beneficial than traditional lender platforms as the complex process of filtering consumers to capable lenders all happens on the backend. Consumers are quickly given access to consumer financing without the fuss of having to fill out extensive forms and consult with lenders. ChargeAfter also offers affordable plans, making this particular multi-lender platform one of the most accessible on the market. 

With ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform integrated into your WooCommerce website, your business can benefit from increased sales, improved revenue margins, and other powerful benefits aligned with your major marketing metrics. This integration can be done quickly and easily today by consulting a ChargeAfter WooCommerce specialist equipped with the knowledge to assist you with your integration process.

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