How to Take Advantage of Email Marketing and Secure Sales With Consumer Financing

Jan 21, 2022

Email is far from being a dated communication strategy for businesses. In fact, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in an eCommerce store’s arsenal of marketing tools. In this article, we explore email marketing in more detail and discuss how you can use it alongside consumer financing to secure more sales. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the process whereby businesses encourage sales through emailers sent to an existing email database. An email database is made up of all customers, potential consumers, and leads that have supplied an online store with their email via several lead magnets used during the marketing process. These lead magnets often include pop-ups asking for customers to sign up to newsletters to receive discounts, free resources that consumers can access after providing their email addresses, and post-purchase emails asking customers to provide their addresses for future notifications and specials. Tapping into one’s existing email database through email marketing is critical to eCommerce success as businesses can attract individuals who are less motivated by social media advertising and other promotional consumer touchpoints. 

How Consumer Financing Supports Email Marketing

To be a successful eCommerce store, one should integrate email marketing into the brand’s holistic marketing strategy. That said, email marketing will not work alone. Email marketing is bound to bring customers to the website, but there needs to be a reason to buy beyond an appealing email, good prices, and quality customer support. eCommerce platforms can go above and beyond to support their shoppers using consumer financing from ChargeAfter. Consumer financing is a means of providing your customers with immediate access to zero-interest loans via a network of trustworthy lenders. ChargeAfter is a leading consumer financing partner that can deliver this solution with great return on investment potential. The addition of consumer financing from ChargeAfter on your website will secure more sales as a consumer’s shopping experience is made easier than ever before. 

3 Steps to Ensure Sales With Email Marketing

Considering the combination of email marketing and consumer financing at checkout should bring success, let’s take a closer look at 3 steps to ensure that these efforts lead to valuable customer conversions. 

1. Develop a Comprehensive Plan

Most email marketing failures can be chalked up to a lack of planning. In today’s day and age of online shopping, eCommerce platforms must formulate clear and concise plans for a profitable return on investment. An email marketing plan should include a clear audience definition to ensure you are sending the right information to the right people in a way that will grab their attention. The email marketing plan should also establish a frequency output and goals to assess success. The frequency will depend on your existing analytics and goals will help you analyze future analytics for email marketing optimization.

2. Design Better Looking Emails

Email marketing has become visual, and the best eCommerce store’s go above and beyond to curate beautiful-looking emailers for their customers. Gone are the days where a paragraph or two of written content will do the trick. Today, emails need to express a narrative. They need your logo, colorful pictures, bold headlines, clickable buttons, and a variety of design elements that attract consumer interest. To begin designing better emails, consider using Mailchimp.

3. Highlight Added Value

From discounts to consumer financing, customers are more likely to purchase from eCommerce stores that offer added value. You should make your added value offerings clear in your emails to grab the attention of consumers. You could have a big discount value highlighted in big and bold colors at the top of your email. Maybe reconsider the positioning of your subject line, using this key call to action as a selling point to showcase your added value offerings. Either way, you should make it clear that you provide value beyond the competition. 

Email marketing is a powerful strategy to diversify your sales channels and encourage more conversions, and you can utilize consumer financing to take advantage of the revenue generation potential of a solid email marketing strategy.

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