How to Promote Sales at Checkout With Online Financing from ChargeAfter

Oct 20, 2021

eCommerce continues to see consumer interest as online shopping becomes more widely available, accessible, and easy to use. As online shopping prospects become more promising, brands have taken to platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify to leverage the rising eCommerce statistics. With stiff competition threatening the success of online retail businesses, marketing teams and company owners must consider the addition of modern marketing strategies and online financing. In this article, we explore how online financing and marketing can promote sales at checkout. 

1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Experience

Online shopping has become easier than ever as consumers turn to their mobile devices to browse eCommerce stores and purchase their favorite products. A seamless mobile experience is essential to the success of one’s online platform as the increase in mobile shoppers demands better consumer journeys. Consumers want access to fast checkout processes that don’t waste time. The key ways to create a mobile-friendly experience and answer these consumer concerns are to increase your website’s load time, utilize responsive web design, integrate quality payment gateways, and use auto-fill features for easy detail input.

2. Promote Online Financing Solutions

Online financing, specifically the solution from ChargeAfter, is critical to the success of one’s online store. These add-ons and plugins promote sales at checkout as they provide many customer benefits. ChargeAfter deploys a multi-lender network on eCommerce platforms that gives consumers access to a wealth of willing lenders capable of fulfilling their unique consumer financing requirements. Within minutes, customers can receive the funds necessary to make an instant payment on your website. Customers benefit from instant purchases and businesses benefit from upfront sales at checkout through the integration of online financing from ChargeAfter.

3. Upsell Products at Checkout

The checkout process is another opportunity to make a sale and many eCommerce stores fail to leverage their platform’s upsell features at this step. Upselling involves showcasing specific products consumers have not yet checked out while they are browsing their carts and deciding whether or not to make the purchase. Upsell strategies include marketing items that are related to those in an individual’s cart, displaying products that may complement those in their cart, and showcasing the top-selling products that other customers have bought. Upselling products at checkout may also involve a purchase notification that displays what customers are buying in real-time to other shoppers on the website. These strategies, of which there are many, will entice sales at checkout and assist online financing and other marketing tactics. 

4. Improve Shopping Security Features

Consumers are more likely to purchase from websites that showcase shopping security features. Whether it’s a Norton Online Shopping Guarantee or other security feature, shoppers feel confident buying from platforms that provide customer protection at checkout. The most successful online retailers display these security features clearer to give customers peace of mind and promote sales at checkout.

5. Decrease Steps to Sale

Finally, online retail store owners and their marketing teams need to drastically reduce the time it takes for a consumer to make a purchase. This step goes hand in hand with creating a mobile-friendly experience as most modern marketing strategies seek to immerse customers in a fluid and seamless shopping environment that decreases unnecessary actions. For example, customers should be able to travel from your catalog to their cart and make a purchase within 3 simple steps and it should only take a minute or so. Online financing can support this process by eliminating the consumer need to consult a third-party financial service provider. Websites can also reduce the prevalence of pop-ups, for example, to minimize the number of actions that distract from the steps to the sale.

To promote sales at checkout and drive revenue, eCommerce platforms need to have a mobile-friendly experience, promote online financing solutions, upsell products at checkout, improve security benefits, and decrease the time it takes to make a sale. 

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